Hospital Recognized as Best Practices Top Performer

​Mary Anne McMurren, administrator of Cottage Grove Community Hospital, has announced that the Oregon Rural Healthcare Quality Network, a network comprised of Oregon’s Critical Access Hospitals, recognized Cottage Grove Hospital as a “Best Practices Top Performer” in a multi-state Quality Health Indicators (QHi) performance benchmarking program.

Cottage Grove Community Hospital was recognized as a top performer for exemplary performance in the following categories: minimizing hospital acquired infections; pneumonia immunizations; and discharge instructions for patients admitted with a diagnosis of heart failure.

Eric Buckland, Executive Director of the Oregon Rural Health Care Quality Network announced the awards at the Oregon Annual Rural Health Conference last week and noted that Cottage Grove Community Hospital was one of only two participating Critical Access Hospitals to score as a top performer in three or more measures.  The other hospital awarded with top performance was another PeaceHealth hospital, Peace Harbor Hospital in Florence.  He further complimented Cottage Grove Community Hospital for their commitment to quality and demonstrated leadership.
QHi is a web-based, clinical quality benchmarking tool utilized by small rural hospitals to evaluate internal processes of care and provides participating hospitals opportunities to improve practices by comparing specific measures of quality with like hospitals. More than 235 small rural hospitals in 16 states utilize QHi.      

“Our participation in the Quality Health Indicator benchmarking program underscores our commitment to providing the best care to our patients and our community,” said Sandy Green-Galbraith, Cottage Grove’s Quality Manager.  “We joined the web-based, multi-state benchmarking project because it allows us to compare our hospital’s quality data with other small rural hospitals on a monthly basis. The opportunity to compare our practices with those of more than 235 other small rural hospitals across 16 states is extremely valuable.”     

Each month, participating hospitals enter their quality measure data.  To be designated by the ORHQN as a QHi Best Practices Top Performer for a particular quality measure, a hospital must be one of the top five hospital performers in the entire QHi 235-hospital data base for three of the past four quarters.

“It’s an impressive achievement to be named a “Best Practices Top Performer” because we know it’s based on our own performance and compared to other small rural hospitals who are working just as hard as we are to deliver quality care to their patients and community,” McMurren added.