Why I got the vaccine

The vaccine is free, safe and highly effective. Hear what caregivers and community members are saying about choosing to get vaccinated, and why they feel it's important.

PeaceHealth is proud to play a pivotal role in helping end the global pandemic. Following federal and state guidance, we’ve provided more than 215,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses to people across Alaska, Washington and Oregon. These individuals have chosen to get vaccinated for many reasons. Listen to and read their stories on why they believe getting the vaccine is important.






  • caregiver Karen getting the COVID-19 vaccination

    I couldn’t be happier to partake in a historical moment like this. As a caregiver for cancer patients who are immunocompromised, I knew I wanted to not only protect myself, my family, but our patients as well. In addition, as a woman of color I felt proud knowing the key scientist behind the vaccine Dr. Corbett is not only a woman but also a woman of color. I feel hope and relief for2021!”

    ~ Karen

  • Kelsey from St John getting the COVID-19 vaccination

    “I am extremely grateful for the privilege to get the COVID vaccine and be a part of history to take the next step to ending a pandemic. I choose to protect my family, my peers, and my neighbors! A small poke of a needle and a sore arm is well worth the sacrifice in order to protect any single individual from contracting this horrible disease!”

    ~ Kelsey

  • caregiver Julian showing a COVID-19 vaccination record

    “I got my vaccine for the future generation. Only side effects were headache and being more tired than normal but after a good night’s rest it went away.”

    ~ Julian

  • caregiver Dawn getting the COVID-19 vaccination

    “I’ll be honest – I was on the fence for quite some time on being vaccinated this soon but finally took the plunge. It’s scary. I get that and those of you who decline or wait – you will get #nojudgement from me. But I chose to get it today 12/18/2020. These are just some reasons in no priority order. For starters, we are global citizens these days and I miss traveling and seeing the world. The sooner we can get this virus under control, the sooner we can go back to #normal. Secondly, and I’ve seen enough of the effects of COVID-19 FIRST-HAND to know I don’t want it and don’t want to spread it to my family, friends or my patients. I x-ray patients that are just hours old and scan cancer-fighting immunocompromised warriors daily – and even if I could survive unscathed, it’s not something I want to pass along. And if you haven’t heard of it before, there’s some thing called #longhaulers covid (look it up) and I have a friend with that – scary, scary and mystifying stuff!”

    ~ Dawn

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