Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine at PeaceHealth in Alaska

Alaska is currently vaccinating for:

Phase 1A Tiers 1-3, 
Phase 1B Tiers 1-2, and Phase 1C

Get more information on the Alaska Department of Health website.

Vaccines administered at PeaceHealth in Alaska:

Total: 2,243

Dose 1: 1,977

Dose 2: 266

As of 3/2/2021

Due to limited vaccine supply, appointments may not be available to all who are eligible

  • PeaceHealth requires an appointment for vaccination. We schedule appointments based on the state’s eligibility phase AND how many doses our facilities receive each week. We will not schedule appointments until we know how many doses we have, which typically occurs only a few days before we receive them.  

  • Due to the uncertainty of when and how many doses PeaceHealth will receive and the changes to eligibility criteria at the state level, we cannot provide a timeline on when an individual may be eligible to schedule an appointment. We estimate it will take months to vaccinate all PeaceHealth patients. 

  • Please refer to for eligibility criteria and vaccination sites near you.

Eligibility and availability

COVID-19 vaccine eligibility

Alaska state is currently in Phase 1A Tiers 1-3, Phase 1B Tiers 1-2, and Phase 1CLearn more about Alaska's vaccine phases.

COVID-19 vaccine availability

Each week, the federal government allocates vaccine to the states for the upcoming week. The states then decide which organizations (such as mass vaccinations sites, hospitals and pharmacies) will receive doses and how much. The requests for vaccine are always greater than the amount of vaccine available. The organizations receiving vaccine may only know a few days in advance how many doses, if any, they will receive. They then schedule appointments based on the amount they receive and which vaccine phase their state is in.

What to know for your community

Call 907-228-8140 to schedule a vaccination appointment at PeaceHealth in Ketchikan. We are maintaining a waitlist.

Call 907-826-3257 to schedule a vaccination appointment at PeaceHealth in Craig. The clinic is receiving a limited allocation of vaccine from the state, which may vary from month to month. We are maintaining a waitlist.


Why I got the vaccine

PeaceHealth is proud to play a pivotal role in helping end the global pandemic. These workers have chosen to get vaccinated for many reasons. Listen to and read their stories of why they believe getting the vaccine is important.