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Wellness Benefits

Wellness 1.bmpAchieving a work life balance means something different for everyone, whether it is enjoying a bike ride, going on vacation, or spending time with family and friends. PeaceHealth wants to support our caregivers by providing a diverse range of benefits and perks that meets their individual needs.

PeaceHealth Wellness Program

PeaceHealth wants to support our caregivers’ wellness journey. Being more active, getting more sleep, and eating nutritious foods will lead to noticeable benefits – such as reduced risk of certain diseases, increased focus, and simply feeling great! This program offers finaicial incentives for participating in a Health Risk Assessment, wellness lab screening, and wellness challenges.

Employee Assistance Program

The PeaceHealth Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides short-term counseling and referrals for caregivers and their family members for stress-related issues, emotional difficulties, critical incidents and other personal concern. The program offers free, confidential, professional counseling to help caregivers and their families resolve problems that affect their personal lives and/or job performance.

Paid Time Off

PeaceHealth knows the importance of taking time off for relaxation, recreation, holiday observance, illness, emergencies and personal business. PeaceHealth recognizes the diversity of the caregivers across the system and that their needs for time off may vary. The PTO program provides flexibility to plan and use accrued paid time off based on needs of individuals.

Additional Time Away

There may be times when caregivers need a longer leave from PeaceHealth, for instance, for FMLA, maternity leave or military leave. Most leaves require a certain length of service before eligible (varies by leave type) and are subject federal or state laws and regulations.

Vendor Discounts

PeaceHealth offers benefits to help support a healthy work & life balance. This includes discounts from local companies.  

Fitness Facilities

Discounted, subsidized or free access to on-site fitness areas, local health clubs or fitness centers may be available.

Education Assistance Program

PeaceHealth recognizes the value of continuing education and promotes the educational growth through tuition reimbursement assistance to support caregivers' increased skills and qualifications through collegiate education.

Transportation Benefit

To improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion and minimize energy consumption, PeaceHealth offers bus pass subsidies, premium parking spaces for those who ride-share, bike lockers and emergency ride home. 


Additional benefits may be available.