Aligns Infrastructure, Systems & Processes

If you are a PeaceHealth senior leader:

  • Creates strategic and operational plans that guarantee organizational viability and sound business practices.
  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of systems thinking in a complex environment.
  • Challenges the organization for congruency.
  • Strengthens infrastructures, systems, and processes to ensure they are designed to achieve outcomes.
  • Engages the right people and ensures they are available to accomplish desired results.
  • Operates facilities that create and sustain a healing environment.
  • Recognizes the critical importance of relevant data and meaningful information to inform decisions.

If you are a PeaceHealth director:

  • Translates vision to operational plan. Focuses on setting and meeting challenging organizational/departmental targets.
  • Builds and monitors budget to support plan.
  • Creates and monitors infrastructures, systems, processes and standards to achieve outcomes.
  • Insures the availability of competent staff.
  • Assures regulatory compliance.
  • Establishes performance and accountability expectations and clarifies staff roles.
  • Recognizes inter-relationships between plans, operations, work environment, policies and information. Adjusts to changes or barriers to implementation.
  • Plans, develops, implements, and documents initiatives and projects.
  • Makes timely decisions using available information to achieve outcomes.
  • Demonstrates decisiveness.

If you are a PeaceHealth manager:

  • Focuses on meeting challenging organizational/departmental targets.
  • Monitors budget variances and recommends or develops plans for improvement.
  • Recommends selection of staff with the heart and skills to accomplish results; strives for fit.
  • Assures regulatory compliance.
  • Monitors and evaluates performance and accountability of staff.
  • Intervenes to ensure that plans, operations, environment, policies and information support day-to-day work.
  • Implements and documents progress, incorporating feedback.