Student Nursing Clinical Placement Sites

(Updated 07/2015)

  • ·         2 North

    o    Medical Surgical Unit with a focus on surgical patients (general surgical, gynecological, & ENT) and general medical overflow.

    ·         2 South

    o    Medical Unit with a focus on medical patients (general medical, cardiology, & pulmonology).

    ·         3 North

    o    Medical Unit with a focus on oncology-including chemotherapy and medical patients (general medical, palliative care, respiratory disease, & GI hemorrhage).

    ·         3 South

    o    This unit will be transforming into the Intermediate/step-down unit in the fall of 2015. For now, it is a medical unit with a focus on medical patients (cardiac disease, renal conditions, & psych primary) and psychiatric diagnoses accompanied by an acute medical condition.

    ·         4 South

    o    Medical Cardiology Unit with a focus on hemodynamically stable patients with a variety of cardiac disorders such as congestive heart failure, post cardiac arrest and post cardiac interventions. This is an eight hour unit.

    ·         4 North

    o    Medical unit with a focus on medical patients (neurological, cerebral vascular disorders, cardiovascular). Unit is designated for Certified Stroke Program.

    ·         4 West

    o    Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit with a focus on providing rehabilitative services to patients with amputations, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, stroke with impairments, including paralysis, etc. Certified and Comprehensive program services include rehabilitation nursing, social work, case management, PT/OT, & speech/language therapy.

    ·         Tower 7

    o    Medical Surgical Unit with a focus on surgical patients (stable trauma, general surgical, & neurosurgical) and general medical overflow.

    ·         Tower 8

    o    Medical Surgical Unit with a focus on orthopedic surgical patients, as well as general surgical overflow and general medical overflow.

    ·         Progressive Care Unit (PCU)

    o    This unit will be transforming into a Neurosciences Unit in the fall of 2015. For now it is an intermediate/step-down care unit with a focus on providing care to patients not requiring critical care but are stable and have complex needs. Patients in need of continuous cardiac monitoring with assessments Q4 hours include non-ST elevation MI, 24-48 hours post open heart surgery, pulmonary edema/CHF without shock requiring IV medications, stable sepsis patients requiring 2 IV antibiotics, etc.

    ·         Cardiac & Vascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU)

    o    Intensive Care Unit with a focus on cardiovascular and vascular patients (postop cardiac surgery, cardiogenic shock, CHF, acute coronary syndrome & thrombolytic therapy). Also serves Medical ICU overflow patients (DKA, GI bleed, stroke & pulmonary embolism).


    ·         Cardiac Rehab

    o    Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit with a focus on cardiac rehab program for patients with CAD, acute MI, stable angina, s/p CABG, and s/p heart transplant. Patient care is assigned to ACLS-certified RN and/or PT/clinical exercise specialist.

    ·         Cardiovascular Angiography Department (CVAD)

    o    Cardiovascular Angiography Unit with a focus on providing diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures to inpatients, outpatients, and emergency patients. Procedures performed include heart catheterizations, angiograms, stent placements, pacemaker implantation, and percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasties.

    ·         Cardiovascular Observation Unit (CVO) 

    o    Cardiovascular Observation Unit provides nursing care to inpatients and outpatients who will undergo a procedure in the Cardiovascular Angiography Department. The RN oversees all patient care, including pre-admission, admission, prep, recovery, hospital admission and home discharge.

    ·         Emergency Department

    o    Emergency Department with a focus on providing optimal nursing care and assessing and treating patients with an acute medical condition. The RN will be responsible for triaging and treating patients per scope of practice, documenting vital signs, communicating with ED physician regarding changes in patient status, administering medications, and preparing patients for examination.

    ·         Employee Health

    o     Employee Health with a focus on workplace disease prevention and health promotion for all caregivers.  This includes contractors, students and volunteers. They manage programs regulated by OSHA, DNV and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Specifically: Adult Immunizations, Tuberculosis Program, Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures, Infections Patient and/or Caregiver Exposures; Annual Screenings, Respiratory Protection Training, Ergonomics and Workplace Safety Prevention Programs.

    ·         Diabetes, Endocrine, & Nutrition

    o    Diabetes, Endocrine, & Nutrition Center improves the health of patients though the improvement of individual A1C levels. Improves the achievement of self-management behavior changes (monitoring blood glucose & frequency of foot and ophthalmic exams), required to maintain a healthy lifestyle, after completing diabetic education classes.

    ·         Clinical Education

    o    Clinical Education with a focus on providing educator, facilitator, consulting, researcher and leadership support for clinical, non-clinical and organizational learning and educational activities while promoting community partnerships.

    ·         FMSW

    o    Family Medicine Southwest is a Family Practice Residency program affiliated with the University of Washington. They provide primary care needs and coordinate care across other health care settings, including hospital, specialty, and mental health services. The Healthcare team is made up of highly skilled and compassionate physicians, physician assistants, pharmacists, behavioral health (therapist and social worker) and medical support staff.

    ·         Family Birth Center (FBC)

    o    Family Birth Center provides inpatient services (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, & Postpartum) and outpatient services (Antepartum testing, labor evaluation & minor surgical procedures) for women of child-bearing age and newborns. Also provides obstetrical surgery and other OB/GYN emergencies. RNs are assigned direct patient care.

    ·         Home Care

    o    Home Care provides intermittent skilled clinical services. Nursing services include general medical and psychiatric nursing.

    ·         Hospice

    o    Integrated end of life care in the home delivered through an interdisciplinary team composed of the physician, medical director, nurses, medical social workers, chaplains, home health aides, counselors, volunteers, dietitians, and other disciplines as needed.

    ·         Infection Prevention

    o    Infection Prevention provides education on standard precautions, transmission based precautions and prevention of infection (hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, & sharps injury prevention). Implements policies and procedures related to infection prevention issues.

    ·         Infusion Oncology (Cancer Center)

    o    Cancer Center with a focus on chemo administration, bone marrow biopsies, hydration, blood product administration, specialty catheter placement CVC care, etc. Number of patients assigned to RN is dependent on complexity of treatment and required monitoring.


    ·         Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

    o    Intensive Care Unit with a focus on providing interdisciplinary care for adults and select pediatric patients with a critical care diagnosis. The Unit emphasis is on observation of patient, expert assessment of clinical status, detection of earliest signs of complications and initiation of a program of treatment. Patients include unstable angina requiring IV nitroglycerin, arrhythmias, heart block, s/p cardiac arrest, acute MI, acute PE, acute renal failure requiring fluid management, etc.

    ·         Interventional Pain Clinic

    o    Interventional Pain Clinic with a focus on consults, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, and medical management of chronic pain.

    ·         Kearney Breast Center

    o    Kearney Breast Center focuses on screening mammography, diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast cancer support group, genetic counseling, and multidisciplinary breast cancer case review,

    ·         Memorial Urgent Care Clinic

    o    Ambulatory Care Clinic that provides walk-in injury and medical care to adults and children, including sprains, strains, lacerations, wounds, fractures, sore throats, and ear aches.

    ·         Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

    o    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with a focus on providing care for newborns requiring neonatology consultation or a higher level of care.

    ·         Operating Room (OR)

    The Operating Room (Surgery) works in conjunction with the Anesthesia Department, Surgical Pre-op Area, and the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit in providing continuity of care through pre-operative assessment and preparation, intra-operative intervention and post-operative evaluation. An RN is always assigned the circulating role.

    ·         Short Stay Unit (SSU)

    o    Short Stay Unit with a focus on providing Medical Surgical nursing care to pre and post procedure patients, including but not limited to surgical, endoscopy, radiology, diagnostic imaging, and other medical.

    ·         Same Day Surgical (SDS)

    o    Surgical Unit with a focus on providing pre-op admission for inpatients and pre and post-op care of outpatients.

    ·         Pediatrics

    o    Pediatric Unit with a focus on non-critical pediatric patients who are on the Pediatric or Family Medicine Services and/or any medial or surgical services patient up to the age of puberty.


    ·         Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

    o    Critical Care Department with a focus on providing constant observation and nursing care in the immediate post-anesthesia recovery period. Patients have undergone surgical, obstetric, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures requiring a general anesthetic.

    ·         Psychiatric Services: Inpatient, Outpatient (ADAPT), Psych ED, Behavioral Health Consultation & Liaison

    o    Psychiatric Services provides comprehensive, hospital based, recovery focused mental health care for the adult citizens of Clark County and surrounding areas. Inpatient services include crisis stabilization, medication therapy, milieu therapy, education and discharge planning, including referrals to community resources. RNs will be assigned to provide nursing care.

    ·         Quality and Patient Safety

    o    Quality and Patient Safety with a focus on zero preventable harm through implementing and following evidence-based medicine, including the Strategic Quality and Patient Safety Plan.

    ·         Ray Hickey Hospice House (RHHH)

    o    Ray Hickey Hospice House with a focus on integrated end of life care delivered through an interdisciplinary team composed of the physician, medical director, registered nurses, certified nurse aides, medical social worker, chaplains, counselors, volunteers and dieticians. They offer general inpatient, residential and respite care.

    ·         Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Oxygen Center

    o    Wound Healing Center with a focus on completing patient assessment of systemic and local factors affecting wound healing, wound cleansing and topical treatment, wound debridement and extensive patient education.