Clinical Experiences

Externship/Re-entry Nurse

Responsibilities of all externs/re-entry nurses

Follow the process for Clinical Experiences placement as required by PeaceHealth:

  1. Complete the necessary paperwork, clearly and thoroughly
  2. Fulfill all of the necessary requirements
  3. Follow through with your placement contact person

Your responsibilities:

  • Arrive for your experience on time, properly attired and prepared for your experience. Check in at the main desk of your assigned department. Be prepared to present your contact person information to staff in order for them to verify approval for the Clinical Experiences.
  • Abide by all applicable PeaceHealth rules, regulations, policies and procedures, including the security, confidentiality and privacy of information as identified in the orientation materials.
  • Report any injuries or exposures immediately to the PeaceHealth supervisor responsible in your area and to your instructor/advisor.
  • Demonstrate the PeaceHealth behavioral expectations for staff, volunteers and students with every interaction while on site.


Description: Staff members from other health care organizations wanting Clinical Experiences in critical care areas at any of our facilities.

Purpose: To provide an opportunity to focus on career specific knowledge and learn skills particular to that specialty.

Duration: Varies by request.


Submit a completed Clinical Experience Application including:

Re-entry Nurse

Description: To provide an opportunity for nurses with limited licenses, who are enrolled in Nurse Re-entry programs, to meet the Oregon State Board of Nursing practice requirement for full re-licensure.

Purpose:  To update knowledge and skills in nursing.

Duration: 160 hours of supervised clinical practice – the number of hours depends on individual practice history and is delegated by the Oregon State Board of Nursing.


Submit a completed Clinical Experience Application including:

PeaceHealth Learning & Development
Attn: Student Placements
1255 Hilyard St., Eugene, Oregon 97401
Or Fax application to: 541-431-9161
Questions? Please call 541-686-8527