PeaceHealth Birth Center Celebrates Moms During World Breastfeeding Week

Anna Health, RN, holds one of the burp cloths she recently made, which will be given to families who deliver a baby at the Family Birth Center at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center Aug. 1-7, during World Breastfeeding Week.

July 25, 2018

It is said that breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to her baby that lasts a lifetime. During World Breastfeeding Week Aug 1-7, PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center will make sure that gift for the baby is rewarded by presenting moms with some very special gifts of their own. In addition to taking home their precious newborns, moms who deliver at the Family Birth Center will receive some special items:

  • A burp cloth…because moms of newborns can never have enough burp cloths! These cloths, handcrafted by PeaceHealth Southwest lactation nurse Anna Heath, RN, are made of soft, colorful flannel fabric donated by the Clark County Quilters guild.
  • A lactation cookie, freshly baked by Simply Sweets in Vancouver. Lactation cookies are filled with natural ingredients that help boost and maintain a mother’s milk supply. Who doesn’t like cookies and milk? (For DIYers, here’s a cookie recipe for nursing moms).

“This effort is all about shining a spotlight on the benefits of breastfeeding,” said Maggi Leyburn, RN, a lactation specialist at PeaceHealth Southwest. Leyburn says there are many good reasons to breastfeed, for both moms and babies. “Breast milk is almost like a medicine” she said. “It helps stave off infections. That’s why I always say, ‘Some breast milk is better than none.’”

Breastfeeding benefits for baby:

  • breast milk gives babies all of the nutrients they need, including personalized immune boosters.
  • breast feeding provides a special bonding time with mom.
  • breast feeding helps babies develop jaw and mouth muscles.
  • Breastfed babies have less incidence or lower risk for diabetes, obesity, SIDS and allergies, among other conditions.

Breastfeeding benefits for moms:

  • Reduces the risk of certain diseases and conditions, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
  • Provides a special bonding time with baby.
  • Portable and always ready — no heating or stirring.
  • Convenient and less work (no need to sanitize nipples, bottles, etc., provide storage or refrigerate).

“It’s important for all PeaceHealth caregivers to understand how wonderful it is for both mom and baby to breastfeed,” Leyburn said. “By supporting breastfeeding, caregivers are helping the overall health of the entire community.”

PeaceHealth recognizes that every situation is different, and that - for a variety of reasons - not all moms are able to breastfeed. PeaceHealth is committed to making sure every mom of a newborn who can and wants to breastfeed will have the support they need to be successful in providing their babies with the gift of a lifetime. For more information about the benefits of breastfeeding, visit

About the PeaceHealth Southwest Family Birth Center:
PeaceHealth Southwest's Family Birth Center team oversees more than 2,000 births annually. Families labor, deliver, and recover in beautiful, spacious, comfortable birth suites, cared for by a team of compassionate birth specialists. The Birth Center team includes specialists in all aspects of care for newborns, providing valuable training, coaching, and support for moms as they embark on their new family adventure. The PeaceHealth Southwest Family Birth Center is located on the campus of PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center at 400 NE Mother Joseph Place in Vancouver, WA.

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