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Fillingame, Ralph A. MD
Dr. Ralph Fillingame has been in Family Practice downtown for over 15 years; previously at Mountain Plains Family Practice in Denver, CO. Dr. Fillingame specializes in a full range of family practice especially procedures like vasectomies and flexible sigmoidoscopy. When he is not in the office, Dr. Fillingame enjoys family and church activities, skiing, biking, and other outdoor sports.

Ralph Fillingame MD

Family Medicine
2484 River Road
Eugene OR 97404
(541) 984-2175
(541) 984-2176

Ralph Fillingame MD (Alternate)

University of Oregon University Health Center
1232 University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403
(541) 346-2770
(541) 346-2747
Privileged Facility
PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center - RiverBend
PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center - University Dist
Specialty Type
Family Medicine Primary
Education Degree Program Specialty
University of Colorado Residency
Washington University School of Medicine MD Medical Education
Special Interest
Flex. Sig., Vasectomy, Flexible sigmoidoscopy +/- biopsy, Endometrial biopsy (pipelle), Excision of skin lesions, Mobilization (manipulation) neck, back, SI joints, Circumcision (infant only), permanent removal of ingrown toenail, Joint aspiration/injection-shoulder, elbow, knee, trochanteric bursa, Casting/follow-up of most closed fractures, Wart removal by freezing electrocauntery, excision, Genital wart treatment, Breast cyst aspiration, I&D abscess, newborns (preferably w/ families attached)