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Classes and Support Groups - Lower Columbia - Health and Wellness

Golden Health
Golden Years Class

Golden Health: Emotional Wellness Senior Holiday Depression
NOVEMBER: Senior Holiday Depression

Golden Health: For Women- Intimacy in the Golden Years
OCTOBER: Intimacy in the Golden Years

Golden Health: Joint Replacement
SEPTEMBER: Is Joint Replacement Right for You?

Golden Health: Senior Sleep
Sleep and Health

Golden Health: What Your Doctor Really Wants, & Needs to Know
AUGUST: Ways to Talk to Your Doctor

Joints On the Move
Preparing for Joint Replacement? Our Team has You Covered.

Red Hot Mamas: Don't Sneeze, Don't Giggle, Don't Run
Taking Control of Your Bladder & Menopause

Sleep 101
Sleep and Health

Weight 101
Healthy weight

Weight Loss 101
Quick and Easy Ways to Help You Get to a Healthy Weight