The Team Development Measure

This questionnaire is a measure of team characteristics. Please indicate how much you strongly disagree – disagree – agree – strongly agree to each statement as it applies to your team at the present time. There are no right or wrong answers, just your perceptions. This survey is totally anonymous.

  1. Team members say what they really mean.
  2. Team members say what they really think.
  3. Team members talk about other team members behind their back.
  4. All team members participate in making decisions about the work of the team.
  5. All team members feel free to share their ideas with the team.
  6. All team members feel free to express their feelings with the team.
  7. The team practices tolerance flexibility and appreciation of the unique differences between team members.
  8. The team handles conflicts in a calm caring and healing manner.
  9. Regardless of the topic communication between the people on this team is direct, truthful, respectful and positive.
  10. The team openly discusses decisions that affect the work of the team before they are made.
  11. In this team members support, nurture and care for each other.
  12. The team has agreed upon clear criteria for evaluating the outcomes of the team's effort.
  13. As a team we come up with creative solutions to problems.
  14. In the team there is more of a WE feeling than a ME feeling.
  15. There is confusion about what the work is that the team should be doing.
  16. There is confusion about how to accomplish the work of the team.
  17. Roles and responsibilities of individual team members are clearly understood by all members of the team.
  18. All team members place the accomplishments of the team ahead of their own individual accomplishments.
  19. The goals of the team are clearly understood by all team members.
  20. All team members define the goals of the team as more important than their own personal goals.
  21. I am happy with the outcomes of the team's work so far.
  22. I enjoy being in the company of the other members of the team.
  23. This team is a personally meaningful experience for me.
  24. I have a clear understanding of what other team members expect of me as a team member.
  25. The work I do on this team is valued by the other team members.
  26. I am allowed to use my unique personal skills and abilities for the benefit of the team.
  27. Some members of this team resist being led.
  28. Information that is important for the team to have is openly shared by and with all team members.
  29. All individuals on this team feel free to suggest ways to improve how the team functions.
  30. When team problems arise the team openly explores options to solve them.
  31. On this team the person who takes the lead differs depending on who is best suited for the task.

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