Eugene-Springfield Medical Education Opportunities


All clinical rotations are 4 weeks in length. Following are the available Core & Elective rotations along with their accompanying Course Catalog numbers:

Core Rotations

Students assigned by OHSU School of Medicine

  • Family Medicine (FAMP 730) One student per rotation
  • Internal Medicine (IMED 730) Two students per rotation
  • Neurology (NEUR 730) 4 students per year
  • Pediatrics (PEDI 730) One student per rotation
  • Surgery (SURG 730) Two students per rotation

Elective Rotations

Students request electives pending faculty approval
One student per rotation

  • Addiction Medicine  (FAMP 709HA)
  • Anesthesiology  (ANST 709H)
  • Arthritis/Rheumatology  (ARTH 709H)
  • Cardiology  (CARD 709H)
  • Community Family Medicine  (FAMP 709D)
  • Dermatology  (DERM 709H)
  • Emergency Medicine  (EMER 709H)
  • Gastroenterology  (GSTR 709H)
  • Heme-Onc  (HEMA 709H)
  • Infectious Disease  (INFD 709H)
  • IM Hospitalist Ward  (HOSP 709H)
  • Interventional Radiology
  • OB/Gyn Laborist Elective (OBGY 709L)
  • Ophthalmology  (OPHT 709H)
  • Pediatric Surgery  (PEDI 709R)
  • Perinatology Sub-I  (OBGY 709K)
  • Surgery - Advanced  (709H)