Physician Wellness

The issue of physician stress and burnout is important. When stress and burnout lead physicians to reduce or cease their practice altogether, patient access to medical care is diminished. Moreover, physicians experiencing these factors are often less productive, make more mistakes and offer a lower quality of care than their fully engaged colleagues.

The goal of the Medical Staff Services Department at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center is to help physicians manage day-to-day stress and work and life issues, and assist in managing behavioral, psychological and other performance-related issues before they become major problems or diminish lifestyle.

Stress and Burnout

The difference between stress and physician burnout is the ability to recover in time off. Physician burnout begins when you are unable to recharge your batteries between call nights or days in the office. You begin a downward spiral that has three distinct phases:

Physical and emotional exhaustion: You are emotionally drained, depleted and worn out by work and feel unable to recover in your non-working hours.

Depersonalization: Development of a negative, callous and cynical attitude toward patients and their concerns. The cardinal sign here is cynicism, sarcasm and feeling put-upon by your patients.

Reduced sense of personal accomplishment: The tendency to see your work negatively, without value or meaning, and to see yourself as incompetent or inadequate.

Physician Resources

Physician Wellness CME

Physician Financial Wellness Workshop
Registration is free. Sign up by contacting Treena Bell.
Speaker: Richard Smith, MD (Disclosure Statement)
Target Audience: All physicians
No longer eligible for CME credit; content still available

Mechanisms for Protection and Restoration of Medical Student and Physician Health and Wellbeing
Speaker: Michael Oreskovich, MD, FACS
Target Audience: All physicians and allied health professionals
No longer eligible for CME credit; content still available​