​Rapid Access Clinic

Primary care physicians often need to have their patients seen promptly by a cardiologist. Oregon Cardiology has created a new clinic to address this need.

The new Rapid Access Clinic provides patients with a cardiology appointment within 24 to 48 hours. Patients can be established patients or first-time consults regarding any issue that is not an acute life-threatening emergency.

Timing is Everything

Immediate access to a cardiologist allows a more patient-friendly approach to non-emergency outpatient cardiac care.

"The Rapid Access Clinic is popular with patients because they can be seen quickly without waiting for a routine clinic visit or spending hours in the Emergency Department," said cardiologist David Saenger, MD, of Oregon Cardiology.

Timely access to general cardiology consultation is essential, and rapid-access clinics have proven valuable in diagnosing and risk-stratifying patients with suspected cardiac disease. (Fox K, Tenkorang J, Rogers A, Wood D. Int J Cardiol, 2009 Sept 11;137(1):42-6. Boyle R. Heart, 2007; 93(4):415-416.)

​Rapid Access Clinic


For patients who need a cardiology appointment within 24 to 48 hours

Download a factsheet about the Rapid Access Clinic