Transradial treatment of angina

Subject: A 76-year-old man presented with symptoms of angina. Patient underwent a femoral access stenting procedure in 2007 and was reluctant to endure another groin puncture and long recovery period.

Diagnosis: Cardiologist David Saenger, MD, with help from the patient’s wife, convinced him to submit to a transradial access angiogram. During the procedure, Dr. Saenger detected critical stenosis of the ramus intermedius branch of the left coronary artery (90 percent lesion).

Treatment: Cardiologist Dennis Gory, MD, performed the stenting the same day through the transradial access site.

Outcome: The patient “was completely surprised by how easy, simple and painless the radial procedure was,” Dr. Saenger said. “He went from being unable to walk due to chest pain to feeling completely normal.”