Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Oregon Heart & Vascular Institute's Cardiovascular Wellness and Rehabilitation specialists offer a pulmonary rehabilitation program for patients whose quality of life has been affected by chronic lung disease, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, or restrictive lung disease.

A health care provider referral is required.

The program focuses on breathing re-training, balance and flexibility, and improving stamina to participate in daily activities despite chronic lung disease.

A patient's initial visit with a respiratory therapist includes a review of the person's medical history and diagnostic test results. Together, the patient and therapist develop individual goals for exercise and education. A multi-disciplinary team customizes treatment sessions and evaluates participants' progress. Patients who complete the exercise conditioning and education sessions may participate in the medically supervised exercise program.

In addition to the supervised exercise program, pulmonary rehabilitation specialists provide tips for:

  • Keeping lungs clear
  • Supporting pulmonary health through nutrition
  • Recognizing signs of infection
  • Managing medications

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