Orthopedic Surgery

Our nationally recognized orthopedic surgeons have the tools and expertise necessary to provide outstanding care in the least invasive manner possible. Our high volumes of orthopedic procedures contribute to our excellent patient outcomes. Our focus on minimally invasive procedures leads to lower risk of infection and reduced scarring, blood loss and recovery time. Sacred Heart consistently rates above national averages in the safety of our orthopedic surgical care.

Pinpoint diagnosis. Our advanced imaging technology includes digital X-ray, MRI and CT, including the 64-slice CT scanner. Digitally integrated surgical suites let surgeons view scans and consult with specialists from the operating room.

Advances in technology. Surgeons at Sacred Heart work closely with developers of artificial joints and other new devices to ensure patients receive the newest, most effective technology.

Advances in surgical techniques. While at Sacred Heart, orthopedic surgeon Brian A. Jewett, MD, was the first in Oregon to perform hip replacement using the less-invasive anterior approach, which reduces trauma to the muscle and speeds recovery. Surgeons also offer hip resurfacing as an alternative to hip replacement for younger patients. Read more about our Total Joint Program.

A team of orthopedic traumatologists. Our trauma team includes specially trained orthopedic traumatologists who treat the most complex fractures and patients with multiple injuries.

Reductions in post-surgical pain. Techniques such as peripheral nerve blocks help patients move, exercise, participate in therapy and leave the hospital sooner. Read about our Anesthesia Clinic.


Learn about our Total Joint Replacement program. Click here.