Gynecologic Surgery

Research shows that board-certified, fellowship trained surgeons, such as those practicing at Sacred Heart Medical Center, produce better quality and outcomes for gynecologic surgery patients. Our surgeons draw patients from across the state with their surgical expertise, minimally invasive techniques and excellent outcomes.

In 2010, surgeons performed 1,449 gynecologic procedures at Sacred Heart Medical Center, including hysterectomy, laser myomectomy to remove uterine fibroids, oophorectomy, pelvic laparoscopy (less invasive than laparotomy), and tubal ligation.

Gynecologic Oncology Surgery

Prognoses and outcomes for women with gynecologic oncology problems are much better if they are treated by a specifically trained gynecologic oncologist. Sacred Heart is among the top centers in the state for oncology surgery. The surgeons who work here perform an extremely high volume of procedures, drawing patients from throughout the region and across the state.

Many of these surgeries are performed using the da Vinci™ Si Surgical System, which allows surgeons to treat early stage gynecologic cancer minimally invasively -- safely, reproducibly and following open surgical technique. Robotic-assisted surgery offers improved radically, margins and lymph node harvest for more comprehensive cancer surgery and staging procedures.


Surgical Services

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