Endovascular aneurysm coiling using neuro biplane technology

Subject: A 56-year-old man with no co-morbidities presented at Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend with severe headache and loss of balance. The man reported feeling a "pop" in the back of his neck the night before, followed by a "thunderclap" headache. He went to bed and awoke the next mroning with acute symptoms.

Diagnosis: A CT scan detected bleeding in the brain, and endovascular neurosurgeon Erik F. Hauck, MD, PhD, suspected cerebral aneurysm. The patient was taken to the cath lab within 30 minutes of arriving in the emergency department.

Treatment: Dr. Hauck used biplane imaging to direct the catheter and wire from the femoral artery to the mouth of the 6.6 mm aneurysm. He packed the bulge with platinum coils to prevent additional leaking and potential rupture. "Within an hour of his arrival at the hospital, we had found the aneurysm and treated it," Dr. Hauck said. "Without the biplane, these procedures would not be possible."

Outcome: The patient tolerated the procedure well without complication. "I didn't feel a thing; it was smooth and easy and simple," the patient said of the procedure. "I'm thankful that RiverBend has the capability and facility to handle this kind of trauma because I don't think I would have made it to Portland."