Anesthesia Clinic

The Anesthesia Clinic serves several important purposes:

  • To educate patients about the day of surgery
  • To gather and collate information necessary for patient care
  • To minimize the risk of same-day cancellations or delays
  • To optimize the medical state of each patient to increase the likelihood of a good outcome

All patients scheduled for elective surgery at Sacred Heart are given an appointment at the Anesthesia Clinic. Currently about 98 percent of scheduled elective surgery patients attend their appointments.

Nurses and anesthesiologists build a comprehensive patient health history for perioperative anesthesia planning. Clinic staff treat each visit as a medical clinical visit. They check vital signs, review lab and other test results, perform physical exams and screen for conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, pulmonary problems and cardiac disease.

When indicated, cardiology and other specialist consultations are obtained. Clinic staff share pertinent findings with the patient's primary care physician. If the patient has no PCP, clinic staff help match the patient to an appropriate medical provider.