Reappointment Questions

Q: What is Reappointment? 

A: Reappointment is the process of re-evaluating a practitioner’s current competency after they have been appointed to PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center’s medical staff. 

Q: Once I'm on staff, why do I need to go through the paperwork again?

A: PeaceHealth has a duty to ensure that all practitioners on staff are currently competent; reappointment is the process of re-evaluating competency. The Joint Commission hospital accreditation standards require all practitioners to complete a reappointment process every 24 months. 

Q: What happens if I don't complete my reappointment paperwork? 

A: If a practitioner does not complete reappointment paperwork on time, the practitioner’s reappointment will expire and they can no longer work or see patients.  

If a practitioner’s reappointment expires, the practitioner must then complete the initial application process in order to be appointed to the medical or professional staff and to treat patients at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center.

Q: How can I get more information on the Reappointment Process?

A: Visit our Reappointment page for detailed information.