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Request CME Application

If you are interested in organizing a Continuing Medical Education (CME) activity for physicians in the Northwest Network, please contact the PeaceHealth St. Joseph CME Office by e-mail to obtain application materials.

Joint Providership 

On occasion, PeaceHealth St. Joseph collaborates with other health-care organizations in the region to jointly provide Category 1 CME activities for physicians. Please contact the CME Office for more information and Joint Providership Application materials.

Application Requirements 

PeaceHealth St. Joseph is accredited by the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) to provide  continuing medical education for physicians. As an accredited CME provider, PeaceHealth St. Joseph must meet the WSMA's rigorous planning and documentation requirements for each activity designated for Category 1 credit. Our application is designed to help you through the planning process and meet the WSMA criteria for high-quality educational activities. If this is your first time applying for CME credit, please review the Definition of CME, Speaker Information and Commercial Support

Applications are reviewed by the PeaceHealth St. Joseph CME Committee which determines whether to award CME credit. Please plan to submit your completed application, Disclosure/COI forms and supporting documents 60 to 90 days in advance. Should you have questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact the CME Office at (360) 715-4104. 

The following are necessary to complete a Category 1 CME application:

  • A planning committee. The committee must include an MD or DO physician and have at least two members. If you intend to apply for AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) credit, an AAFP member should be on your planning committee.
  • A CME Disclosure/COI form completed by each planner and speaker. 
  • Two items that document physician need for the proposed education. Documentation may include quality or safety data, minutes from a department or committee meeting, medical literature review, changes in practice guidelines/protocols, notes from review of a performance issue or practice gap, state or federally mandated requirement or regulatory change, advances in medical research, treatment options, or technology, and so on. 
  • Target audience: Applicants will identify physicians (specialties) for whom the education is intended, mid-level and allied health professionals who work cooperatively with physicians to delivery personal and community health care.
  • Proposed speaker name, credential, contact information and his or her CV or resume.
  • Goal of educational activity (a general outcome).
  • Proposed Learning Objectives: Minimum three, stating what learners should be able to DO after the education.
  • Suggested teaching methods, such as case presentation, didactic lecture, simulation, hands-on learning, medical literature review and discussion (journal club), etc.
  • Estimated attendance and costs. Note that all funding related to CME must be handled and disbursed through the CME Office. Commercial support may be accepted only through an unrestricted medical education grant for CME and secured by a Letter of Agreement with PeaceHealth St. Joseph. No direct or indirect payments by the commercial supporter may be made to speakers, planners or joint provider.