Commercial Support 

PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center accepts commercial support of Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities when provided in accordance with the WSMA and ACCME Standards for Commercial Support and the AMA's Ethical Opinions. We work with those companies that adhere to the PhRMA, AdvaMed, or Medical Imaging & Technology codes of ethics. 

We believe educational exchange between physicians and industry can benefit patient care. With that said, a commercial interest in no way may direct or control the content of Category 1 CME activities. To maintain the unbiased integrity of Continuing Medical Education, promotion of a commercial interest must remain absent from CME. 

Supporters may ask to attend (but not participate in) educational activities at PeaceHealth St. Joseph, with the exception of clinical case conferences, including but not limited to Tumor Board, Clinical Chest/Thoracic Oncology Conference, Cath Lab Conference, Echo Lab and Breast Cancer Conference, among others. Speakers may not be directly or indirectly funded by a commercial interest, even via in-kind support. Appropriate monies or in-kind support must be received and disbursed through the CME Office; otherwise the event is not eligible for Category 1 credit. Funds must be received in the form of an unrestricted medical education grant and secured with a Letter of Agreement.

The inception of Category 1 CME activity at PeaceHealth St. Joseph is determined by evidence of physician need for the education, quality and safety data and/or community health needs. Commercial interests may have no role in content planning, speaker selection, preparation of instructional materials or content delivery.

The CME Program Manager can help you through the process of supporting educational activities; email