Your New Year's Pledge

Part of the PeaceHealth mission is to support healing in our communities at the New Year and beyond. We understand that by respecting your deep desire to make a unique impact in the world, you naturally make changes that also support your health goals.

This is the spirit of healing in action.  

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Pledge Form here
At the start of this New Year, take some time to look inside and discover the impact you want to make in your life, your community, and the world.

When you’re ready to commit to your vision, print out and complete the New Year’s Pledge on this page. It asks you to complete statements that support your personal goals. For example:

This year, I will make an impact by: volunteering regularly at the local food bank’s school distribution program. In order to achieve this goal, I commit to taking the following action(s):

  1. Carve out two hours a week to devote to the volunteer effort
  2. Do weight bearing exercise three days a week so I am strong enough to lift the canned goods.
  3. Learn to use the map function on my phone so I can find the distribution locations easily.

Once I achieve this goal, my life will improve in these ways: I’ll be connected with others in the community who share my values and I’ll be stronger and healthier. 

After I achieve this goal, I will feel: Happy and content to be giving back. Engaged and connected with the community.

Review your pledge each week during the year as you progress toward your goals. You can even post this on your refrigerator at home or on your bathroom mirror. When making decisions, ask yourself “does this action support my pledge?”

Use your pledge throughout the year as a compass to keep you on your chosen path.

To your good health!