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Community Health Boards

PeaceHealth is guided by the PeaceHealth Board of Directors and by Community Health Boards in each of our network service areas in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. These volunteer board members are community leaders who fully partner with PeaceHealth in making and supporting decisions based on our Mission and Values as well as our Vision for the organization—that every person receives safe, compassionate care: every time, every touch.  Our Community Health Boards are also charged with setting policy regarding quality, stewardship, planning, community service and advocacy.

PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center Community Health Board

Dan Hollingshead

David DeHaas, MD

Jim Torrey

Sister Aileen Trainor

Greg Fitz-Gerald

Jacob Fox

DeLeesa Meashintubby

Melissa Edwards, MD

Rand O'Leary

Igor Gladstone, MD

Russell Sampley, MD

Rick Skeie