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Quit Smoking: Keep Your Social LifeWhy Get Your Child ImmunizedDepression: Outside Looking In

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  1. A Good Support System Is Important
  2. Acupuncture and Massage for Back Pain
  3. Angioplasty for Heart Disease
  4. Angioplasty for Peripheral Arterial Disease
  5. Arthritis: Making Everyday Activities Easier
  6. Asthma Action Plan
  7. Asthma Action Plan for Your Child
  8. Asthma: Is Your Child Using the Rescue Inhaler Too Often?
  9. Asthma: Keeping Your Child Out of the Hospital
  10. Asthma: Myths About Inhaled Steroids
  11. Asthma: The Importance of Controller Medicines
  12. Asthma: Using an Inhaler and Spacer
  13. Asthma: What Happens in Your Lungs
  14. Avoiding COPD Triggers
  15. Avoiding Infections in the Hospital
  16. Avoiding Triggers for Sudden Heart Failure
  17. Back Pain Needs Time, Activity, and Medicine
  18. Back Pain: Getting In and Out of Bed
  19. Back Pain: Have a Maintenance Plan
  20. Back Pain: Self-Massage With a Tennis Ball
  21. Back Pain: Strengthening Your Core
  22. Back Surgery for Herniated Disc
  23. Back Surgery for Spinal Stenosis
  24. Beat Your Smoking Triggers
  25. Being Active With Heart Disease
  26. Benefits of a Pap Test
  27. Benefits of Flu Shots
  28. Beta-Blockers After a Heart Attack
  29. Blister Care
  30. BMI, Waist Size, and Your Health
  31. Bowel Resection
  32. Breast-Feeding: Getting Your Baby to Latch
  33. Building Resilience
  34. Bypass Surgery for Heart Disease
  35. Care for a Skin Wound
  36. Care for Minor Burns
  37. Caregiving: Take Care of Yourself Too
  38. Caring for Your Newborn: Diapers
  39. Caring for Your Newborn: Feeding
  40. Caring for Your Newborn: Sleeping
  41. Caring for Your Newborn: Umbilical Cord
  42. Caring for Your Urinary Catheter
  43. Cataract Surgery
  44. Catheter Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation
  45. Catheter Ablation for SVT
  46. Changing Negative Thoughts
  47. Checking Peak Flow
  48. Children and Cough and Cold Medicines
  49. Colonoscopy
  50. Colostomy
  51. COPD: Clearing Your Lungs
  52. COPD: Eating Well for Strength and Energy
  53. COPD: Exercises for Building Strength
  54. COPD: Exercises for Easier Breathing
  55. COPD: Taking Medicines After a Flare-Up
  56. COPD: What Happens to Your Lungs
  57. Counseling for Depression
  58. Dealing With Asthma Triggers
  59. Deciding About Herniated Disc Surgery
  60. Depression Is Common
  61. Depression Medicine Side Effects
  62. Depression Medicine: Deciding to Quit
  63. Depression Medicines
  64. Depression: Balancing Brain Chemicals
  65. Depression: Cost of Medicine
  66. Depression: How It Affects Your Body
  67. Depression: Mood Check-In to Prevent a Relapse
  68. Depression: Outside Looking In
  69. Depression: Rating Your Mood
  70. Depression: Social Support and Recovery
  71. Depression: Using Your Inner Strengths
  72. Diabetes and Wound Care
  73. Diabetes and Your Heart
  74. Diabetes: A1c Test
  75. Diabetes: Daily Foot Care
  76. Diabetes: Finger-Stick Test
  77. Diabetes: Food and Your Blood Sugar
  78. Diabetes: How to Build Your Plate
  79. Diabetes: Insulin's Role
  80. Diabetes: Planning for a Healthy Pregnancy
  81. Diabetes: Preparing for Pregnancy
  82. Diabetes: Preparing for Surgery
  83. Diabetes: Stay in Your Target Range
  84. Diabetes: Testing Your Blood Sugar
  85. Diabetes: You Can Slow Kidney Damage
  86. Epilepsy: Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe
  87. Exercising Safely With Arthritis
  88. Fitness: How Active Should You Be?
  89. Fitness: Increasing Your Core Stability
  90. Five Ingredients for Healthy Eating
  91. Five Tips for Healthy Eating
  92. Gestational Diabetes: Eating Well
  93. Getting Active
  94. Getting Started With Flexibility and Stretching
  95. Getting Up Safely After a Fall
  96. Good and Bad Fats
  97. Headaches: Avoiding Triggers
  98. Headaches: Keeping a Diary
  99. Healthy Eating Pays Off
  100. Healthy Eating: Resisting Temptation in Social Situations
  101. Heart Disease and Depression
  102. Heart Disease: Aspirin and Heart Attack Risk
  103. Heart Disease: Commit to Making an Exercise Plan
  104. Heart Disease: Every Step Matters
  105. Heart Disease: Making Peace With Medicines
  106. Heart Disease: Moving Forward
  107. Heart Disease: Taking Statins to Prevent Heart Attack
  108. Heart Disease: Women Are at Risk Too
  109. Heart Disease: Your Risk for Heart Attack
  110. Heart Failure: Being Active
  111. Heart Failure: Checking Your Weight Daily
  112. Heart Failure: Limiting Fluids
  113. Heart Failure: Limiting Sodium
  114. Heart Failure: Medicines to Avoid
  115. Heart Failure: Self-Care
  116. Heart Failure: Small Steps to Self-Care
  117. Heart Failure: Taking an ACE inhibitor or ARB
  118. Heart Failure: Track Your Symptoms
  119. Heart Failure: When to Call for Help
  120. Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
  121. Heart-Healthy Diet
  122. Heat or Ice for Low Back Pain
  123. Helping Your Child Deal With Asthma
  124. Herniated Disc Surgery: How Others Decided
  125. High Blood Pressure: The DASH Diet
  126. High Cholesterol and Heart Attack
  127. High Cholesterol and Your Heart
  128. High Cholesterol: Barriers to Taking Statins
  129. High Cholesterol: Cost of Statins
  130. High Cholesterol: Healthy Eating for Your Heart
  131. Hip Replacement Surgery
  132. Home Treatment for Herniated Disc Pain
  133. Hot and Cold Therapy for Arthritis
  134. How a Heart Attack Happens
  135. How Others Manage Diabetes
  136. How to Calm a Crying Baby
  137. How to Do Curl-Ups
  138. How to Do the Bird Dog Exercise
  139. How to Do the Bridging Exercise
  140. How to Do the Hamstring Stretch in a Doorway
  141. How to Do the Hip Flexor Stretch
  1. How to Do the Pelvic Tilt Exercise
  2. How to Do the Press-Up Exercise
  3. How to Do the Single Knee-to-Chest Exercise
  4. How to Do the Wall Sit Exercise
  5. How to Drain Blood From Under a Nail
  6. How to Give a Glucagon Shot
  7. How to Give an Epinephrine Shot to a Child
  8. How to Give Yourself an Epinephrine Shot
  9. How to Help Someone During a Seizure
  10. How to Prevent a Second Heart Attack
  11. How to Put on Compression Stockings
  12. How to Read Food Labels
  13. How to Stop a Nosebleed
  14. How to Stop Negative Thoughts
  15. How to Use a Nebulizer With a Mask
  16. How to Use an Incentive Spirometer
  17. How to Wear a Sling
  18. How to Wrap a Sprained Ankle
  19. How Your Body Reacts to Stress
  20. Insulin: Giving an Injection in the Arm Using a Syringe
  21. Insulin: Giving an Injection in the Belly
  22. Insulin: How to Prepare a Mixed Dose
  23. Insulin: How to Prepare a Single Dose
  24. Knee Replacement Surgery
  25. Know Your Cholesterol Numbers
  26. Lack of Sleep
  27. Lifestyle Changes for High Cholesterol
  28. Lifestyle Changes to Lower Blood Pressure
  29. Lifestyle Changes to Raise HDL
  30. Long-Acting Bronchodilators for Your Child
  31. Low Back Pain: Keep Moving
  32. Low Back Pain: Keeping It From Coming Back
  33. Low-Dose Aspirin for Heart Disease
  34. Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit
  35. Managing a Croup Attack
  36. Managing Morning Sickness
  37. Managing Your Medicines
  38. Measuring Your Exercise Intensity
  39. Medicine for High Blood Pressure
  40. Medicines for Depression
  41. Nicotine and the Brain
  42. Older Adults: Be Inspired to Get Active
  43. Older Adults: Getting Active After a Health Scare
  44. Older Adults: Overcoming Barriers to Fitness
  45. Osteoporosis: After Your Fracture
  46. Pelvic Exercises for Urinary Incontinence
  47. Plaque, Platelets, and Heart Attack
  48. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: What to Do First
  49. Positive Thinking
  50. Positive Thinking for Weight Control
  51. Positive Thinking: Susan's Story
  52. Prediabetes: Healthy Changes You Can Make
  53. Pregnancy: Dealing With Back Pain
  54. Pregnancy: Eating the Right Foods
  55. Pregnancy: How to Exercise Safely
  56. Pregnancy: Learning About Doctors and Midwives
  57. Pregnancy: Your First Weeks
  58. Preventing Falls in Older Adults
  59. Preventing Falls in the Hospital
  60. Preventing Falls: Get an Eye Exam
  61. Preventing Falls: Leg Lifts
  62. Preventing Falls: Make Your Home Safe
  63. Preventing Falls: Medicine Safety
  64. Preventing Falls: The Four Fall Stoppers
  65. Preventing Falls: Two Good Exercises
  66. Preventing Falls: Use a Home Safety Checklist
  67. Preventing Heart Disease
  68. Preventing Heart Disease in Women: First Steps
  69. Proper Lifting to Protect Your Back
  70. Proper Sitting and Lifting for a Healthy Back
  71. Quit Smoking: How Medicines Can Help
  72. Quit Smoking: How to Tell Your Friends
  73. Quit Smoking: Keep Your Social Life
  74. Quitting Smoking: Have Your Own Reason
  75. Quitting Smoking: It May Take Many Tries
  76. Quitting Smoking: Medicines Increase Success Rates
  77. Quitting Smoking: Medicines to Help With Cravings
  78. Rebound Headaches
  79. Relaxation Exercise: Deep Breathing
  80. Relaxation Exercise: Guided Imagery
  81. RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
  82. Saving Money on Medicine
  83. See Yourself as a Nonsmoker
  84. Signs of Labor
  85. Sleep Importance
  86. Sleeping Better
  87. Spinal Stenosis Surgery: How Others Decided
  88. Spinal Stenosis: Home Treatment and Physical Therapy
  89. Statins Are Important After a Heart Attack
  90. Stories From People Controlling Their Asthma
  91. Stories From People Recovering From Depression
  92. Stories From People With New Depression
  93. Stories From People With Recurring Depression
  94. Stress Management: Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  95. Stress Management: Relaxing Your Muscles
  96. Stress Management: Roll Breathing
  97. Stress Management: Using Yoga to Relax
  98. Stroke: What's Your Risk?
  99. Taking Blood Pressure at Home
  100. Taking Blood Pressure Medicine: How Others Decided
  101. Taking Care of a Cast or Splint
  102. Taking Care of Pinkeye at Home
  103. Taking Care of Stitches
  104. Taking Medicine to Stop a Migraine
  105. Taking Statins: How Others Decided
  106. Teaching Your Child to Use an Inhaler With a Spacer
  107. Teaching Your Child to Use an Inhaler Without a Spacer
  108. Teenagers: Feeling Different Because of Asthma
  109. Tests for Low Back Pain
  110. The Effects of High Blood Pressure
  111. The Pain-Mood Connection
  112. Tips for Finding a Counselor or Therapist
  113. Traveling With Oxygen
  114. Treatment for Depression
  115. Tubes for Ear Infections
  116. Urinary Incontinence: Talk to Your Doctor
  117. Using a Cane
  118. Using a Dry Powder Inhaler
  119. Using a Metered-Dose Inhaler With a Mask Spacer
  120. Using a Metered-Dose Inhaler Without a Spacer
  121. Using a Rubber Bulb to Clear a Baby's Nose
  122. Using a Walker
  123. Using Crutches
  124. Using Oxygen Therapy at Home
  125. Using Oxygen: Tips for Cannula and Skin Care
  126. Vertigo: Head Movements That Help
  127. Vertigo: The Epley Maneuver
  128. Vision Problems: Aids to Help You Cope
  129. Vision Problems: Making Your Home Safer
  130. Weight and Your Mind
  131. What Is Atrial Fibrillation?
  132. What Platelets Do
  133. Why Are Blood Tests Needed With Some Medicines?
  134. Why Children Don't Need Antibiotics for Colds or Flu
  135. Why Get a Chlamydia Test?
  136. Why Get Screened for Glaucoma?
  137. Why Get Your Child Immunized?
  138. Why Get Your Older Child or Teen Immunized?
  139. Why High Cholesterol Needs Treatment
  140. Why You Don't Need Antibiotics for Bronchitis

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