Meet Our Team

Our Cardiovascular Wellness and Rehabilitation therapists have either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in exercise science. Many of our therapists are board-certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as Clinical Exercise Specialists and Registered Clinical Exercise Psychologists. Our staff work closely with physicians to provide a medically supervised program.



  • Mandy Van Hofwegen, BS, RCEP, CES, Cardiovascular Wellness & Rehabilitation Team Lead                                                
  • Whitney Anderson, BS 
  •  Victoria Cheng, BS   
  • Rachel Ely, BS, CES  
  • Shenelle Higbee, MS, RCEP, CES
  • Casie Reimers, MS
  • Jeff Schwab, BS 
  • Holly Timmer, BS, RCEP, CES   
  • Cara Victor, BS
  • Amber Vincent, BS, CES​