800 E. Chestnut St. Suite 3E
Bellingham, WA 98225

Vincent E. Foster, PhD, Director of HPN/EAP

Vincent E. Foster, PhD is the Director of HPN/EAP. Dr. Foster is a licensed psychologist and a Certified Employee Assistance Professional. He also has a Certificate of Proficiency in the Assessment and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders awarded by the American Psychological Association’s College of Professional Psychology. He is qualified as Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). He has 30+ years of clinical experience in a variety of professional settings, including; adolescent residential treatment, in-patient psychiatric treatment, child and family therapy, college and university counseling, public mental health services and employee assistance services. He has graduate training and 14 years of experience in clinical supervision and 12 years of management experience. He also provides psychological consultation to the Bellingham Veterans’ Center.

Dr. Foster believes in the capacity of people to create a life of satisfaction and wellbeing. He enjoys helping people discover their strengths and expand their awareness of their personal and social opportunities for contributing to themselves and others.

Dr. Foster’s current volunteer activities include mental health support for the American Red Cross and participation on two local boards: the Bellingham Community Development Advisory Board and the Sehome Neighborhood Community Association.

“I thoroughly enjoy the variety of work that providing EAP services makes possible," says Vince. "I like the opportunity to work with folks on a range of issues and in different settings. People constantly intrigue me in their diversity of experiences and their capacity to endure and overcome adversity. The challenge of working in the EAP model has sharpened my skills at assessing and meeting people’s immediate needs.”


“I was treated respectfully; it almost was like talking to a friend (Vince) I’ve known for a long time. I was given a lot to think about and I was given the opportunity to continue the sessions.”

-Anonymous client