Healthy Living

The Wellness Program for Your Business and Your Employees

The topics below are designed for a 30 to 60 minute presentation:

Are You Getting Enough Quality Sleep?
According to the experts, 80% of us stumble around sleep-deprived. It can cost us our health - even our lives - and it costs the country billions. In this presentation, we will explore 'sleep hygiene' for both day workers and shift workers. You will leave with a personalized plan of action that will help improve your sleep quality. Blankets and pillows optional. 

Communicating So People Will Listen
Communication is accomplished not only through the words we use. Voice, tone, cadence, posture, and intention make up 93% of our communication! In this presentation, learn some simple techniques to enhance your communication skills.

Habits, we all have them. These habits have the ability to help or to hurt us. In this presentation, we'll look at some of our habits and learn what it takes to make changes that promote positive new habits.

Sleep Deprivation in Shift Workers
In this session we'll discuss the physical and emotional impact of irregular sleep patterns. Participants will learn new ways to adapt when their sleep schedule fluctuates. Also included is creating their personalized plan of action to help improve sleep.

The Basics of Self-Esteem
What is self-esteem? One definition is 'the feeling of self-worth and personal value.' This class explores the concept of self-esteem by covering the origin of self-esteem and showing how physical health is impacted by self-esteem. Also included is a 'self-esteem check-up' for each participant to complete.

Time Management In A Jiffy
This presentation is for the 'organizationally challenged' or for people who want to fine-tune their time management skills. Ideas will be shared that can help to streamline 'tasks' and make your life less complicated.  

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