Body & Mind

The Wellness Program for Your Business and Your Employees

Each topic below is designed for a 30 to 60 minute presentation:

Balancing Act
Do you feel like you are juggling numerous tasks at one time? Are you barely keeping the “balls” up in the air? In this presentation, we’ll take a close look at all our responsibilities and discover how to accomplish what is really important to us.

Dealing With Difficult People
Do you let anyone in your family or workplace get under your skin? If so, this class is for you. Learn strategies and techniques to help you better handle the difficult people in your life

Demystifying the Body: Exploring the Physiological Effects of Stress
In this presentation, we’ll take the mystery out of the body’s physiological response to stress. You will leave with a clearer understanding of how your body functions under stress and what you can do to protect against its negative effects and bring yourself back to a more relaxed state.

Demystifying the Body: Stress and Heart Health
What does stress have to do with it? Exercise and diet get most of the press for heart health; in this presentation find out what key role stress plays.

Demystifying the Body: Stress and the Immune System
In this presentation, we’ll explore the impact stress plays on the immune system. Learn techniques to reduce your stress and enable your body to renew your immune system.

Perceptions and Illusions: Can You Believe What You See?
Explore how perceptions cause innocent misunderstandings that can aggravate stress on the job. We will experience firsthand how these differences can cause innocent misunderstandings to turn into huge upsets.

Relaxation Techniques: Take a Vacation without Leaving Home
Take time out of your day to relax. In this presentation we’ll discuss and actually experience various types of relaxation techniques. Discover relaxation exercises that work for you. The techniques will be short, user-friendly and can be easily practiced in your daily life.

Staying Calm at Work
Every line of work has its own types of stress. In this presentation, take a new look at the causes of your job stress. We will also explore perceptions, job expectations and the role they play in creating stress in our lives.

Stress Management 101
In this presentation, you will learn the basics about stress, how it impacts your life and your health. You will leave with a clearer understanding about the causes of your stress and some effective, basic stress-management techniques to help you better deal with the pressures of life.

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