General Information

Main Number360-414-2000 or 800-438-7562

Departments and Centers

A Child’s Place360-414-2222
Birth Center360-636-4853
Cardiac Rehabilitation360-414-7384
Cardiovascular Services360-414-2730
Dialysis - Inpatient (acute care)360-414-7654
Dialysis - Outpatient (main number)360-414-2200
Emergency Department (In an emergency DIAL 911)360-636-4818
Human Resources - Jobline360-636-4928
Imaging Services - Main #360-636-4852
Lab - Main #360-636-4868
Lower Columbia Cancer Center360-414-7878
Marketing and Communications360-414-7547
Media Relations360-414-7547
Media Relations - After Hours360-430-2836
Nutrition and Diabetes360-636-4943
Outpatient Therapies360-501-3750
Peace of Mind Clinic360-414-2235
PeaceHealth Breast Center360-414-2701
Radiation Oncology360-636-4841
Rehabilitation Services360-636-4839
Sleep Disorders Center360-414-7800
Spiritual Care360-414-7575
Wellness Programs360-414-7473
Women's Health Pavilion360-501-3700
Workplace Wellness Services360-414-2332 or 888-891-9231

Support Services

Gift Shop360-636-4171
Pastoral, Spiritual, End of Life Care360-414-7575
Patient Financial Services360-414-2191 or 800-438-7562 ext. 2191
Terrace Espresso360-414-7957
Volunteer Services360-636-4126

PeaceHealth Medical Group Clinics

Anesthesiology360-414-2000 or 800-438-7562
Anticoagulation Clinic (Family Medicine)360-414-2302
Anticoagulation Clinic (Internal Medicine)360-414-2730
Behavioral Health - A Child’s Place360-414-2222
Behavioral Health - Adult 360-414-2236
Center for Sleep Disorders360-414-7800
Family Medicine at St. John (formerly Team B)360-414-2385
Hospitalist Program360-414-2727
Internal Medicine at 748 14th360-501-3601
Internal Medicine at St. John360-414-2727
Lakefront Clinic360-747-5800
Occupational Health (formerly WorkPlace Wellness)360-414-2332 or 888-891-9231
Ocean Beach Clinic360-636-6900
Orthopedics & Musculoskeletal Medicine (formerly InMotion)360-414-2700
Specialty Medicine: Cardiology, Cardiovascular, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Neurology360-414-2730
Women’s Health (OB/GYN)360-414-2800