Foundation Open New Years Eve for Late Donations


​PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center’s Foundation staff will be available “till the stroke of midnight if needed” on New Year’s Eve to accept end-of-year charitable donations. “We know from past experience that as soon as Christmas is over, people start planning their end-of-year giving,” said Cathy Barr, Executive Director of the PeaceHealth St. John Foundation.

While many organizations and employees view New Year’s Eve as a holiday, the staff at PeaceHealth St. John Foundation sees it is one of the busiest days of the year. “People will come in right up to 5pm, the time we usually close for the day,” said Barr. “We want to make it as easy for people to donate, so we’ll stay as late as needed to make sure it’s convenient for our donors. Today, more than ever, PeaceHealth St. John relies on philanthropy to help us maintain our high levels of quality and patient safety.”

According to Giving USA, a semiannual report on charitable giving in the U.S., philanthropy across the United States peaked in 2007, just before a nationwide economic slowdown cut donations by 17.6%. Donations have rebounded very slowly since, but have not yet returned to their 2007 levels.
“We’re so fortunate to have such generous donors in our community,” said Barr. “Since 2008 our donations have more than tripled, and we are grateful to have raised more than $2.4 million dollars in 2013. That money is going to a variety of great projects, including the complete renovation of our new Kearney Breast Center, which will open to the public in just a few weeks.”

People wishing to support PeaceHealth St. John Foundation while also taking advantage of end-of-year tax deduction opportunities are encouraged to call the St. John Foundation at (360) 414-7900 for information on how to give. Those who intend to make after-hours donations on New Year’s Eve should simply call the Foundation office in advance at (360) 414-7900 so the Foundation staff can make sure the doors are open!

For a list of many of the outstanding projects and programs supported by the Foundation in 2013, or to make a simple online donation, please visit: