Consumer Reports' Surgery Ranking


Consumer Reports ® magazine recently­ rated more than 2,500 US hospitals for specific areas of care provided during the time period 2009-2011. PeaceHealth St. John applauds Consumer Reports ® for their diligent efforts in working to help patients discover the safety and quality of their local health care facilities.

During the reporting period selected by Consumer Reports ®, PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center did not offer spine surgery or open heart surgery, two of the programs evaluated by the magazine. Consumer Reports ® selected joint replacement as its third area for evaluation. During the 2009-2011 time period, PeaceHealth St. John experienced higher than average surgical site infections, transfusion rates, and length of stay. Because surgical site infection data is collected in real time, PeaceHealth St. John was able to quickly recognize and correct the underlying issues. As a result of our work, surgical site infections for knee replacement have dropped significantly from the 2010 peak. PeaceHealth St. John is pleased and proud to report our results - we have had ZERO surgical site infections in the last eight months! 

 We acknowledge that it took teamwork to achieve this excellent result. In 2010 PeaceHealth St. John partnered with experts from the nationally acclaimed consulting firm Marshall Steele, who evaluated our practices and assisted in the development of our Center of Excellence for joint replacement surgery. We continue to work closely with Marshall Steele, who provides us with quarterly reviews of our performance. We are delighted to share that, as a result of our hard work, PeaceHealth St. John is now well above average in multiple key areas including:

  • Length of hospital stay
  • Readmissions for complications including surgical site infection
  • Rate of blood transfusions
  • Patient satisfaction

If Consumer Reports were to grade us on today’s results, we would rank among the best programs in the country. Peace Health St. John and our community of physicians are committed to providing Cowlitz County and surrounding areas with safe, high quality, convenient health care. We work with state and government agencies to share accurate information about our care.  We encourage our patients to research and consider all options when choosing health care.  There are many excellent websites including:

that offer detailed information about hospital safety and quality. If you have questions about the quality of your health care, contact your health care provider.