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Joint Journey

Do you have hip pain or knee pain? The Joint Journey program helps patients in the Vancouver, WA, and the Portland, OR area get back to living. Our partnership with Rebound Orthopedics helps joint replacement patients through a seven-step process. We also offer innovative procedures like hip resurfacing for younger, active folks. Watch our Joint Journey videos.

Good Diagnosis

We believe the first step to pain relief from arthritis is taking action and getting a good diagnosis. Learn about our classes.
   7 Step Program

We've mapped out your experience so it can be as stress-free as possible. You can concentrate on getting back to what you enjoy most. Watch video segments of each step.

Exceptional research and new methods of joint replacement are common among our orthopedic surgeons. Learn about the anterior approach and metal-on-metal techniques.

Deciding to take the action step toward surgery means getting ready. Your 40-page journal helps you keep up with all the information you need.
  Success Stories

Read success stories of our Joint Journey graduates.

Find helpful links to doctors, program coordinators, other websites and our health encyclopedia. Navigating your joint journey becomes easier with our expert resources.