Annual report

Reporting Effective Approaches for Fighting Cancer

Each year the Regional Cancer Center at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center publishes a report focusing on a specific type of cancer. The report explains risk factors, current treatments, and recent advances. Clinical data and analysis compares PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, the State of Washington, and national statistics. The report also describes PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center's clinical trials, support services, community outreach, and other services that help patients and their families throughout their journey with cancer.

The most recent report focuses on breast cancer.

2013 Annual Report (pdf):

Breast Cancer

"A diagnosis of cancer will forever change a person's life.  Here at the PeaceHealth Kearney Breast Centers in Vancouver and Longview, our teams of dedicated professionals focus on every aspect of care for women and men with breast cancer."

—Sheila Lynam, MD