Pink Lemonade Project and Susan G. Komen Announce Partnership


​Supporting breast cancer patients together!

Pink Lemonade Project offers professionally led restorative retreats for survivors and their partners to relax, rejuvenate, and restore their lives in meaningful and healthy ways. Retreats are facilitated by licensed clinical social workers and psychologists providing guidance and counseling in a relaxing and soothing atmosphere of Menucha Retreat Center. Over time, Pink Lemonade Project has seen an increasing need for different types of retreat support. Specifically, there has been an urgent need for metastatic breast cancer retreats. As a result, Pink Lemonade Project partnered with Susan G. Komen, Oregon & SW Washington Affiliate, to help fund retreats for metastatic breast cancer survivors.

“Komen is proud to partner with the Pink Lemonade Project to make this retreat affordable for metastatic breast cancer survivors. This joint effort will only strengthen community resources for women who travel this journey!” says Toni Mountain, Susan G. Komen Survivor Programs Manager.

“It has always been my vision that Pink Lemonade Project be a forum that supports and educates women affected by breast cancer,” said Dr. Allen Gabriel, PeaceHealth Medical Group and founder of Pink Lemonade Project. “Partnering with Susan G. Komen is a giant leap for Pink Lemonade Project and will allow our team to support an even greater number of women and their families.”

One retreat participant described her experience, “The retreat washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

The October 5-6, 2013 retreat will begin this wonderful partnership. Registration is now open and scholarships are available. At the minimum, participants pay $25. You will find more information on our website and if you have questions contact Leslie Fassilis at or 360-216-7333 x1.

The Pink Lemonade Project (PLP)

The Pink Lemonade Project's mission is to educate, empower, and support those affected by breast cancer. In tireless pursuit of that goal, each member of the largely volunteer organization assists in providing information about programs and services related to breast health and breast cancer survivor needs.

Founded in 2010 by Drs. Allen and Cassie Gabriel, PLP was created to provide critical support to patients who struggled with the emotional and psychological trauma of breast cancer diagnosis and recovery. Even within the breast cancer community itself, Allen and Cassie saw a noticeable lack of information regarding the age at which a woman should receive a mammogram, with or without a history of breast cancer. Neither was there adequate information about patient rights and post treatment options available for restoration. Initially providing only 2 retreats for 14 brave women, PLP has expanded and will be providing 6 retreats in 2014. Today, they continue to educate through BRAVE Day (Breast Restoration AdVocacy Education) and a professional peer-to-peer mentorship program.