For Those in Crisis

For individuals with an acute mental illness, seriously disturbed thinking, or suicidal or homicidal thoughts, a brief stay in our psychiatric unit at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center may be helpful. This acute psychiatric unit treats young adults through elderly people experiencing psychiatric crises triggered by depression, bipolar disorders, psychotic disorders, results of trauma, or other causes.

Patients are treated by an interdisciplinary team including psychiatrists, nurses, mental health techs, social workers, therapists and creative arts therapists. Patients are admitted through the Emergency Department or by arrangement via a client’s outpatient psychiatrist. An Urgent Response Team
(541-744-0828) is also available weekdays 8:30 ​a.m. to 5 p.​m. to assist registered outpatient clients.

Stop a Suicide Today!

A key step in reducing suicide is to get those in need into treatment. Learn to recognize and respond to signs of suicide at Stop A Suicide. The Web site features a suicide risk questionnaire, which helps identify the signs of suicide, and other resources.

Stop a Suicide Today is a national effort to raise the awareness of the American public to the “ACT” approach to suicide prevention:

  • Acknowledge that your friend/loved one has a problem
  • Care: let them know that you care about them
  • Treatment: get them to a professional for treatment

New to Behavioral Health Services​​​​​​​

We're pleased to announce the opening of two new programs for individuals transitioning out of a psychiatric inpatient facility, or who simply need a higher level of care than a typical outpatient clinic can provide. Our Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization programs​ offer a range of treatment, including group therapy, individual counseling, art and movement therapy, chronic pain management, mental health relapse prevention and family support counseling. The key difference between the two programs is the amount of time spent in therapy each week. For information, call 458-205-7100.​​