Doctors Day celebration honors record number of physicians


It’s a banner year for doctors in our community. Fifty-five physicians were honored on March 20 at a Doctors Day event held by Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation.

These 55 doctors received a Guardian Angel award—nominated by their patients and family members, for care they received at Sacred Heart Medical Center. Some of those patients were able to attend the event themselves, letting their physicians see just how well they had recovered.

 Physicians honored as Guardian Angels were:

·         Rajeev Alexander, MD

·         Robert Barnes, MD

·         Richard Barnhart, MD

·         Thomas Bascom, MD

·         Paul Bouressa, MD

·         Ann Cooley, MD

·         Leo Cytrynbaum, MD

·         Michael Day, MD

·         Deb Dotters, MD

·         David Duke, MD

·         Jessica Folek, MD

·         Snell Fontus, MD

·         David Fryefield, MD

·         Miriam Gage, MD

·         Audrey Garrett, MD

·         Sara Gerhards, MD

·         Waleed Gliza, MD

·         Warren Glover, MD

·         Daniel Hagengruber, MD

·         Christopher Hammond, MD

·         Kenneth Hanson, MD

·         Allen Harlor, MD

·         Erik Hauck, MD

·         Julie Haugen, MD

·         Mark Heerema, MD

·         Winnie Henderson, MD

·         Julie Hughes, MD

·         Brian Jewett, MD

·         Donald Jones, MD

·         Peter Kay, MD

·         Colleen Kersh, MD

·         Robert Kershaw, MD

·         Scott Kitchel, MD

·         Andrew Kokkino, MD

·         Frank Littell, MD

·         Craig Mohler, MD

·         Stewart Mones, MD

·         Frances Munkenbeck, MD

·         Adrienne Nicklin, MD

·         Brenda Ormesher, MD

·         Eric Pacini, MD

·         Jocelyn Park, MD

·         Paul Pearson, MD

·         Ramakota Reddy, MD

·         Robin Rinehart, MD

·         Tina Schnapper, MD

·         Paul Schumacher, MD

·         Steven Shah, MD

·         Elaine Skalabrin, MD

·         Brian St. George, MD

·         Thomas Trezona, MD

·         Matthew Trojan, MD

·         H. Edmond Whiteley, MD

·         L. Paul Wilson, MD

·         Deborah Wirsing, MD


Several physicians were nominated multiple times by patients. Seven physicians received two Guardian Angel awards and four doctors received three Guardian Angel nominations. They are:

·         Thomas Bascom, MD

·         Jessica Folek, MD

·         Eric Pacini, MD

·         Matthew Trojan, MD


This is what their patients had to say. One patient nominated Dr. Jessica Folek, a surgeon at Oregon Bariatric Center, for her care during her emergency gallbladder surgery and severe pancreatitis.

She says, “Dr. Folek has definitely been my Guardian Angel. She removed my gallbladder and has been by my side every day since. Not only did she check on me at least twice a day while I was inpatient on the surgical floor and ICU for three months, she saw me in her office at least once a week for four months. She has gone above and beyond, and has bent over backwards to ensure that I made a complete recovery. Even through the darkest and most difficult times she never gave up on me. Dr. Folek is beyond deserving of the Guardian Angel award, and provides above exceptional care to her patients. Her assurance, faith, kindness, and gracious spirit had a profound impression on me, and I will always remember her for it.”

A patient’s wife nominated Dr. Eric Pacini, a Cardiologist at Oregon Cardiology at Sacred Heart Medical Center, for the care he took of her husband during a quadruple bypass surgery. She says, “’Thank you’ are such little words, and are so inadequate for the wonderful care that he received. God bless!”

Another patient who needed a quadruple bypass surgery nominated Dr. Matthew Trojan, also a Cardiologist at Oregon Cardiology at Sacred Heart Medical Center, for his healing attention.

She says, “I’m feeling great now. I was very pleased that he kept me totally informed on what was happening. Everyone was so wonderful, and did not keep me wondering. Thank you again.”

Sacred Heart’s Guardian Angel program gives patients and their loved ones an opportunity to say thank you in a meaningful way to their caregivers who showed exemplary compassion, care and expertise.

About Doctors Day

Doctors Day, officially celebrated on March 30 each year, marks the date in 1842 that Dr. Crawford Long administered the first anesthetic for surgery. Dr. Long used ether before operating to remove a tumor from a patient’s neck. After the surgery, the patient could not recall feeling any pain during the surgery or being aware that it was happening.

About Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation

Founded in 1962 by visionary community leaders, Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation just celebrated its 50th anniversary. Throughout its history, the Foundation—through the generosity of its donors—has stepped forward to help Sacred Heart Medical Center stay on the forefront of advanced medicine and provide healing care to thousands of patients in our community.

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