PeaceHealth caregivers support healthy communities through caregiver campaign


​PeaceHealth caregivers in Oregon do more than care for patients. They care about our community—and show their support by generously donating to hospital foundations and United Way of Lane County.

Donations go toward helping patients have access to health care, whether or not they have insurance; supporting local community service agencies; and buying new medical equipment.

Caregivers at Sacred Heart Medical Center donated $117,976 to Sacred Heart Medical Center Foundation and an additional $153,783 to United Way of Lane County, funding programs that will improve community health for underserved adults and children in Lane County.

Throughout the Oregon West Network, caregivers at our other hospitals also generously shared as much as they were able. Caregivers at Peace Harbor Hospital donated $73,139 and those at Cottage Grove Community Hospital and Clinics gave $24,388. That’s a combined total of $215,503 to directly support health care in our Oregon communities.