Cancer Care

Special Help for a Difficult Diagnosis

Cancer is a term for diseases that cause abnormal cells to divide and grow without control. Cancer cells can start in one area and spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems.

It's a difficult diagnosis because it's not always easy to treat. It deeply affects people physically and emotionally. But there is hope and help from physicians and caregivers who specialize in helping patients with cancer.

Specialists who diagnose and treat cancers include medical oncologists, hematologists, radiation oncologists and surgeons.

In addition, several other kinds of caregivers such as medical physicists, radiation oncologist dosimetrists and patient care coordinators, play an important part in diagnosing and treating all aspects of cancer.

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Your primary-care provider can help you find a cancer care specialist if you need this special care.

Cancer Care at PeaceHealth

PeaceHealth Medical Group has experienced cancer-care specialists in Longview:

All our providers work in our PeaceHealth Lower Columbia Cancer Center with a team of treatment and support specialists. Their commitment is to "walk the journey" alongside each patient. Their mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate care that meets the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families.

The Lower Columbia Regional Cancer Center opened in 2002, thanks to our community's vision and commitment. We collaborate with larger facilities such as Oregon Health Sciences University and University of Washington, but provide many chemotherapy treatments right here in Longview.

Our center also offers an extensive Patient Resource Center with current treatment information, support groups, classes, books and other items that help patients and their families cope during this journey.

Contact Us

PeaceHealth Lower Columbia Cancer Center
1615 Delaware St.
Longview, WA 98632
Phone: (360) 414-7878
Toll free: (877) 880-2380
Fax: (360) 414-7876
Radiation Oncology: (360) 636-4841

This clinic is a department of PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center.

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