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Gastroenterologists diagnose and treat problems of the digestive tract. Our board-certified specialists screen, diagnose and treat a wide variety of gastroenterology conditions.

Gastroenterology providers at PeaceHealth Medical Group include:

Common issues treated by gastroenterologists include:

We will work closely with your primary care provider to ensure that you receive the best care and any proper follow up that may be necessary.

Common procedures include:

Gastroenterology services are offered on the second floor of RiverBend Pavilion, at 3377 RiverBend Drive in Springfield. If you'd like to call for an appointment, the Gastroenterology office can be reached at:

541-222-6200 (phone)

541-222-6182 (fax)

866-385-0249 (toll free)

Dr. Andrew Mirhej discusses the effectiveness of colonoscopies in preventing colon cancer.

The Endoscopy Center is a department of Sacred Heart Medical Center.

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