Telemedicine links underserved patients to expert care


​Over the past 40 years, telemedicine has gradually transformed the way health care is provided, particularly to patients in rural and underserved communities.

Doctors and other health care professionals use two-way video, email, wireless phones and other forms of telecommunication to link patients with the medical care they need, regardless of their physical location.

PeaceHealth Oregon and Sacred Heart Medical Center, along with our partnering agencies, are harnessing the technology to increase patient access to vital medical services, as demonstrated by our participation in the Oregon Health Network and other state and national telehealth organizations.

Telemedicine offers many benefits, including:

  • Providing access to high-quality health care closer to home
  • Allowing immediate access to specialists during emergency situations such as stroke
  • Eliminating the need to travel long distances for specialty care or follow-up visits
  • Improving continuity of care through streamlined communication between providers
  • Allowing physicians to care for more patients in shorter time frames
  • Providing cost savings to both patients and the health care system while maintaining the quality of care

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