True or False: Lane County has two area codes. TRUE!

Some PeaceHealth Medical Group phone numbers, primarily those added when the medical group moved providers from its Willamette St. clinic to University District, now have 458 area codes.

Oregon phone companies have used up their inventory of 541 phone numbers, so after February 10, 2010, they were given permission by the state of Oregon to assign new phone numbers with the 458 area code. The 541/458 area code generally covers all of the state except the greater Portland area and northern coast.

What this means for you:

• Patients who receive a phone call from their provider’s office with a 458 area code should rest assured that this is a local PHMG provider’s office calling them.

• If you would like to make an appointment with your PHMG provider, dial the same phone number you have always used for your provider’s office; all main department numbers roll over to the new 458 phone number. We will notify you if the number changes in the future.

If you have additional questions about the 458 area code, visit the Oregon Public Utility Commission website at or call the Oregon Public Utility Commission at: 1 (800) 522-2404.

To learn more about which providers have moved from the Willamette St. clinic to PHMG’s new University District clinic visit