Making a Difference

At PeaceHealth in Florence, we’re committed to providing quality, compassionate health care. One very important way we meet that goal is through our many volunteers.

“On behalf of everyone at PeaceHealth in Florence, I’d like to thank our hard-working corps of volunteers for everything they do,” says Rick Yecny, Chief Mission Officer and CEO. “They’re a big part of what makes our organization special.”

More than 180 volunteers have donated approximately 30,000 hours in the past year, handling a variety of tasks. For example, they:

• Help families through difficult times and help them find their way around the hospital.

• Raise funds for hospital programs.

• Assist with filing, data entry or other office duties in addition to running the Gift Shop.

• Hand make Healing Blankets for each in-patient.

While volunteering undeniably helps patients, it also benefits the community and the volunteers themselves. “I love being able to give back to my community by helping at the hospital,” says long-time volunteer Joan Kerrebrock. “I look forward to spending time here each week.”

For more information about volunteering, call Gary Stine, VP In-Service at 541-601-0111 or pick up a “Join the Team” packet at the Hospital Gift Shop.