Skin, Hair, and Nails

  1. Accidental Needle Sticks: Chances of Infection
  2. Acid Burns
  3. Acne
  4. Acne: Should I See My Doctor?
  5. Acne: Should I Take Isotretinoin for Severe Acne?
  6. Acne: Tips for Keeping It Under Control
  7. Acne: Treatment With Alpha Hydroxy Acids
  8. Acne: Treatment With Antibiotics
  9. Acne: Treatment With Benzoyl Peroxide
  10. Acne: Treatment With Salicylic Acid
  11. Actinic Keratosis
  12. Age-Related Foot Changes
  13. Alcohol Increases the Risk of Cold Injury
  14. Alkali Burns
  15. Allergic Reaction to Tattoo Dye
  16. Alopecia Areata
  17. Alopecia Areata: Psoralen With Ultraviolet A Light (PUVA) Therapy
  18. Anal Fissure
  19. Anal Fissures: Botox Injections
  20. Anal Fissures: Internal Anal Sphincterotomy
  21. Anal Fissures: Nifedipine and Diltiazem
  22. Anal Fissures: Nitroglycerin Ointment
  23. Animal and Human Bites
  24. Animal and Human Bites: When Stitches Are Needed
  25. Anthrax
  26. Antibiotics for Lyme Disease
  27. Antibiotics for Rosacea
  28. Antivirals for Shingles
  29. Artificial Nails: Problems and Treatment
  30. Aspiration of a Ganglion
  31. Athlete's Foot
  32. Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)
  33. Atopic Dermatitis: Taking Care of Your Skin
  34. Bartholin Gland Cyst
  35. Basal Cell Skin Cancer: Should I Have Surgery or Use Medicated Cream?
  36. Bedbugs
  37. Birthmarks
  38. Black Widow Spider Bite
  39. Blepharitis
  40. Blister Care
  41. Blister Care
  42. Blisters
  43. Blocked Sweat Glands
  44. Body Piercing Healing Times
  45. Body Piercing Problems
  46. Body Piercing: Safe Jewelry Choices
  47. Boils
  48. Botulinum Toxin (Botox)
  49. Breast-Feeding: Sore Nipples
  50. Breathing Smoke or Fumes
  51. Broken Blisters: Home Treatment
  52. Brown Recluse Spider Bite
  53. Bruises and Blood Spots Under the Skin
  54. Burns and Electric Shock
  55. Calluses and Corns
  56. Calluses and Corns: Protective Padding
  57. Calluses and Corns: Using Pumice Stones
  58. Cancer: Home Treatment for Mouth Sores
  59. Capsaicin
  60. Care for a Skin Wound
  61. Care for a Skin Wound
  62. Care for Minor Burns
  63. Care of an Insect Sting
  64. Care of Your Skin When You Have Diabetes
  65. Caring for a Baby's Nails
  66. Caring for Your Feeding Tube
  67. Causes of Hair Loss: Diseases
  68. Causes of Hair Loss: Medicines and Medical Treatments
  69. Cellulitis
  70. Central Venous Catheter: Changing the Dressing
  71. Changes in a Mole or Skin Growth
  72. Changes in Your Nails
  73. Chemical Burn
  74. Chemical Peel
  75. Chickenpox (Varicella)
  76. Chickenpox: Controlling the Itch
  77. Chickenpox: Preventing Skin Infections
  78. Chilblains (Perniosis)
  79. Chili Pepper Burns
  80. Coal Tar for Atopic Dermatitis
  81. Cold Hands: Home Treatment
  82. Cold Sores
  83. Cold Temperature Exposure
  84. Color Changes in Nails
  85. Common Stinging or Biting Insects or Spiders
  86. Common Types of Birthmarks
  87. Complications of Pressure Sores
  88. Contact Immunotherapy for Hair Loss
  89. Copperhead
  90. Coral Snake
  91. Corns and Calluses: Home Treatment
  92. Corticosteroids for Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac
  93. Cosmetic Surgery and Procedures
  94. Cottonmouth (Water Moccasin)
  95. Cradle Cap
  96. Creams and Ointments for Cold Sores
  97. Crohn's Disease: Problems Outside the Digestive Tract
  98. Cryosurgery for Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer
  99. Cryotherapy (Cryosurgery) for Genital Warts
  100. Cryotherapy for Warts
  101. Curettage and Electrosurgery for Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer
  102. Cut That Removes All Layers of Skin
  103. Cuts
  104. Cuts: When Stitches Are Needed
  105. Cyclosporine for Atopic Dermatitis
  106. Dandruff
  107. Dermabrasion
  108. Determining the Seriousness of a Burn
  109. Diabetes and Wound Care
  110. Diabetes: Checking Your Feet
  111. Diabetes: Daily Foot Care
  112. Diabetes: Protecting Your Feet
  113. Diabetes: Steps for Foot-Washing
  114. Diabetes: Taking Care of Your Feet
  115. Diaper Rash
  116. Dry Skin and Itching
  117. Electrical Shock or Burn
  118. Electrocautery for Genital Warts
  119. Electrolysis for Removing Hair
  120. Environmental Illness
  121. Estimating the Size of a Burn
  122. Excision for Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer
  123. Eye Injury: First Aid for a Black Eye
  124. Eye Injury: First Aid for Minor Cuts
  125. Eyelid Problems
  126. Face-Lift (Rhytidectomy)
  127. Facial Injuries
  128. Facial Problems, Noninjury
  129. Fifth Disease
  130. Filler Injections
  131. Fire Ant Stings
  132. First Aid for Chemical Burns
  133. First Aid for Electrical Burns
  134. First Aid for Tar or Plastic Burns
  135. Fishhook Injuries
  136. Fly Bites
  137. Folliculitis
  138. Foot Odor
  139. Fungal Culture for Athlete's Foot
  140. Fungal Culture for Fungal Nail Infections
  141. Fungal Infections: Risks of Oral Antifungals
  142. Fungal Nail Infections
  143. Ganglions
  144. Groin Problems and Injuries
  145. Hair Analysis
  146. Hair Loss
  147. Hair Loss Caused by Lack of Protein
  148. Hair Loss From Cancer Treatment
  149. Hair Loss: Should I Take Medicine to Regrow Hair?
  150. Hair Transplant Surgery
  151. Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease
  152. Heat Rash
  153. Heavy Sweating
  154. Henna Tattoos (Mehndi)
  155. High-Pressure Injection Wounds
  156. Home Remedies for Bites and Stings
  157. Home Treatment for Second-Degree Burns
  158. How a Scrape Heals
  159. How to Drain Blood From Under a Nail
  160. Hydrocortisone for Itching
  161. Impetigo
  162. Incision Care After Surgery
  163. Indoor Tanning: Is It Safe?
  164. Ingrown Toenail
  165. Insect Bites and Stings and Spider Bites
  166. Insect Repellents
  167. Interferon Gamma for Atopic Dermatitis
  168. Itching Relief
  169. Ivermectin for Head Lice
  170. Jellyfish Sting: Home Treatment
  171. Jellyfish Stings: Allergic Reaction
  172. Jock Itch
  173. Keloid Scars
  174. Kissing Bugs
  175. KOH Preparation
  176. Laser Resurfacing
  177. Laser Surgery for Genital Warts
  178. Laser Surgery for Skin Cancer
  179. Laser Surgery for Warts
  180. Laser Therapy for Birthmarks
  181. Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins
  182. Leg Injuries
  183. Lice
  1. Lice Treatment: Examples of Over-the-Counter Products
  2. Lice: Cleaning Lice From Combs, Clothing, and Other Items
  3. Lice: Removing Nits From Hair
  4. Lipoma
  5. Living With More Than One Health Problem
  6. Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) for Genital Warts
  7. Lyme Disease
  8. Lyme Disease Test
  9. Lymph Node Removal (Lymphadenectomy) for Melanoma
  10. Marine Stings and Scrapes
  11. Measles (Rubeola)
  12. Melanoma Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Patient Information [NCI]
  13. Merkel Cell Carcinoma Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Patient Information [NCI]
  14. Metastatic Melanoma
  15. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)
  16. Misdiagnosis of Lyme Disease
  17. Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer
  18. Molluscum Contagiosum
  19. Mucous Cyst Ganglions
  20. Mycosis Fungoides and the Sézary Syndrome Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Patient Information [NCI]
  21. Nail Infection: Should I Take Antifungal Pills?
  22. Nail Problems and Injuries
  23. Nail Psoriasis
  24. Nail-Biting
  25. Necrotizing Fasciitis (Flesh-Eating Bacteria)
  26. Needle Punctures for Health Reasons
  27. Nephrotic Syndrome: Skin Care Tips
  28. Newborn Rashes and Skin Conditions
  29. Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer: Comparing Treatments
  30. Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer: Photodynamic Therapy
  31. Nonpoisonous Spider Bites
  32. Nonsurgical Nail Removal for Fungal Nail Infections
  33. Oral Antivirals for Cold Sores
  34. Other Home Treatment Measures for a First-Degree Burn or Sunburn
  35. Paring for Plantar Warts
  36. Phototherapy for Atopic Dermatitis
  37. Phototherapy for Psoriasis
  38. Physical Exam for Genital Warts (Human Papillomavirus) for Men
  39. Physical Exam of the Skin for Skin Cancer
  40. Pilonidal Disease
  41. Pinworms
  42. Pityriasis Alba
  43. Pityriasis Rosea
  44. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac
  45. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: Barrier Lotions and Creams
  46. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: Other Plants That Cause a Rash
  47. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: Rash From Indirect Contact
  48. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: Relieving the Itch
  49. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: Tips for Removing Plants
  50. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: Tips for Washing
  51. Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: What to Do First
  52. Poisonous Lizards
  53. Pregnancy: Changes in Feet and Ankles
  54. Pregnancy: Hair Changes
  55. Pregnancy: Hand Changes
  56. Pregnancy: Stretch Marks, Itching, and Skin Changes
  57. Pregnancy: Varicose Veins
  58. Pressure Sores
  59. Pressure Sores: Conditions That Affect Healing
  60. Pressure Sores: Pressure-Relieving Devices and Supports
  61. Pressure Sores: Prevention and Treatment
  62. Pressure Sores: Stages
  63. Preventing Blisters
  64. Preventing Flea Bites
  65. Preventing Spider Bites
  66. Protecting Your Skin From the Sun
  67. Protecting Your Skin From the Sun
  68. Pruritus (PDQ®): Supportive care - Patient Information [NCI]
  69. Psoralen Plus Ultraviolet Light Therapy (PUVA) for Atopic Dermatitis
  70. Psoriasis
  71. Psoriasis: Skin, Scalp, and Nail Care
  72. Puncture Wounds
  73. Puncture Wounds: Stitches, Staples, and Skin Adhesives
  74. Puss Caterpillar Stings
  75. Questions About Varicose Vein Treatment
  76. Radiation Therapy for Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer
  77. Rash, Age 11 and Younger
  78. Rash, Age 12 and Older
  79. Rashes or Sores in the Groin
  80. Rattlesnake
  81. Raynaud's Phenomenon
  82. Razor Bumps
  83. Removing a Bartholin Gland Cyst
  84. Removing a Fishhook
  85. Removing an Object From a Wound
  86. Removing Moles and Skin Tags
  87. Removing Splinters
  88. Ringworm of the Scalp or Beard
  89. Ringworm of the Skin
  90. Rosacea
  91. Roseola
  92. Scabies
  93. Scabies: Getting It From Animals
  94. Scabies: Using Medicines
  95. Scalp Problems
  96. Scarlet Fever
  97. Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins
  98. Scorpion Stings
  99. Scrapes
  100. Seabather's Eruption
  101. Seborrheic Keratoses
  102. Seborrheic Keratosis: Cryotherapy
  103. Seborrheic Keratosis: Curettage
  104. Seborrheic Keratosis: Electrocautery Treatment
  105. Seborrheic Keratosis: Laser Treatment
  106. Shingles
  107. Shingles: Should I Get a Shot to Prevent Shingles?
  108. Sjögren's Syndrome
  109. Skin Adhesives (Liquid Stitches)
  110. Skin and Wound Cultures
  111. Skin Biopsy
  112. Skin Cancer Prevention (PDQ®): Prevention - Patient Information [NCI]
  113. Skin Cancer Prevention: How to Check Your Skin
  114. Skin Cancer Screening
  115. Skin Cancer Screening (PDQ®): Screening - Patient Information [NCI]
  116. Skin Cancer Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Patient Information [NCI]
  117. Skin Cancer, Melanoma
  118. Skin Cancer, Nonmelanoma
  119. Skin Cancer: Protecting Your Skin
  120. Skin Changes
  121. Skin Cyst: Home Treatment
  122. Skin Grafting for Venous Skin Ulcer
  123. Skin Rashes: Home Treatment
  124. Smallpox
  125. Snake and Lizard Bites
  126. Snakebite: Symptoms of a Pit Viper Bite
  127. Stages of Lyme Disease
  128. Stopping Facial Bleeding
  129. Sunblocks to Prevent Sunburn
  130. Sunburn
  131. Sunburn and Skin Cancer
  132. Sunburn: Skin Types
  133. Surgical Excision of Melanoma
  134. Surgical Nail Removal for Fungal Nail Infections
  135. Surgical Removal of Ganglions
  136. Surgical Removal of Genital Warts by Excision
  137. Swimmer's Itch
  138. Swollen Glands, Hernias, and Other Lumps Under the Skin
  139. Symptoms of Lyme Disease
  140. Syphilis: Chancre
  141. Syphilis: Gummata
  142. Taking Care of Stitches
  143. Taking Care of Your Stitches or Staples
  144. Tattoo and Piercing Safety
  145. Tattoo Problems
  146. Tattoo Removal
  147. Tattoos: Reporting Problems
  148. Thrush
  149. Tick Bites
  150. Tick Bites: Flu-Like Symptoms
  151. Tick Bites: Signs of Tick Paralysis
  152. Ticks: How to Avoid and Remove Ticks
  153. Tinea Versicolor
  154. Torn or Detached Nail
  155. Toxic Reaction to Insect or Spider Venom
  156. Toxic Shock Syndrome
  157. Toxic Shock Syndrome Bacteria
  158. Treating a Hangnail
  159. Treating a Nail Infection
  160. Treating Personal Contamination
  161. Treating Weak or Brittle Nails
  162. Types of Acne
  163. Types of Fungal Nail Infection
  164. Types of Hair Loss
  165. Types of Psoriasis
  166. Ultraviolet Rays From the Sun
  167. Using Tape to Remove Warts
  168. Vaginal Rashes and Sores
  169. Varicose Veins
  170. Varicose Veins: Phlebectomy or Stab Avulsion
  171. Varicose Veins: Radiofrequency Ablation
  172. Varicose Veins: Should I Have a Surgical Procedure?
  173. Vein Ligation and Stripping
  174. Venous Skin Ulcer
  175. Venous Skin Ulcer: Debridement
  176. Venous Skin Ulcers: Home Treatment
  177. Vertigo: Senses That Help Your Balance and Position
  178. Visual Exam for Lice
  179. Warts and Plantar Warts
  180. Warts: Electrosurgery and Curettage
  181. Warts: Should I Treat Warts?
  182. Warts: Using Salicylic Acid