Brain & Spine

Neurological problems can develop slowly or appear as suddenly as a stroke or traumatic brain injury. Brain and spine disorders are complicated and profoundly affect your quality of life. Prompt, compassionate, expert treatment can make all the difference.

PeaceHealth offers specialized services treating a wide range of brain and spine disorders, including:

​- Alzheimer’s disease and dementia ​- Multiple sclerosis
- Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ​- Neuromuscular disorders
- ​Aneurysm ​- Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders
- ​Back and neck pain ​- Sleep apnea/snoring and other sleep disorders
​- Balance and vestibular disorders ​- Spinal arthritis and herniated disc
​- Brain and spine tumors ​- Spinal fractures and injuries
​- Carpal tunnel syndrome ​- Stroke (cerebrovascular disease)
​- Epilepsy and seizure disorders ​- Traumatic brain and spine injury
​- Headache

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