Hospital Circled in Prayer


​In an amazing display of concern and support this Christmas Eve, nearly 700 people from churches across the community encircled PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center and offered prayers of healing, strength and peace for the patients and caregivers inside. This grassroots effort was initiated by community members who were especially concerned for a patient being cared for in the hospital and was quickly embraced by hospital leadership—many of whom joined in this time of prayer.

Sister Arnadene Bean lead the large group gathered on the helipad down toward the front corner of the building. After stretching around the corner and up the hill toward Long Term Care and continuing the chain around the backside of the building, the participants joined hands and lifted their voices to sing “Silent Night.” The group then stood in silent prayer for the next 10 minutes.

Dr. David Johnson, who participated, said that in 40 years of practice in Ketchikan he had never seen such an outpouring of community support at the hospital.

Patients and caregivers alike commented how overwhelmed they felt by this show of care and concern from the community. Many who took part commented how strongly they were impacted and how they hoped it would happen again in the future.

Community Prayer group encircles PeaceHealth Ketchikan