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155 Years of Caring

Mother Joseph, a Canadian nun, began caring for the sick in 1858 in Vancouver. She founded what we know today as PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. And she knew how to fundraise!

She'd send the young nuns out to the local mining camps to raise the $1 per day required for patients at her tiny hospital. The money raised ensured that every patient who needed care got it.

Things haven't changed in that regard. Our Foundation and our Medical Center are committed to exceptional medicine and extraordinary care for every person.

But we need your help to care for everyone, regardless of ability to pay, and to have the very best facilities and the newest equipment and best staff and physicians for everyone coming to PeaceHealth Southwest for care.


Southwest Medical Center Foundation

PO Box 1600
Vancouver, WA 98668

(360) 514-3106


Our Giving Community

Stories of support for the PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center Foundation.

Family Birth Center

Southwest Medical Center's Family Birth Center.