CMN Dance Marathon

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   January 23, 2016
   University of Oregon 
   Dance Marathon (UODM) 
   at the Erb Memorial Union

  February 5, 2016
   Oregon State University 
Beavs Helping Kids (BHK) 
   at the Memorial Union

Held on college campuses across the country, Dance Marathon provides a fun and educational way for students to plan a major event and learn about philanthropy in their communities. Students seek business sponsors and recruit dance teams almost all year long.

They hold fund-raisers and events leading up to the big day and involve as many Miracle Children and their families in fun programs and events.The first Dance Marathon at University of Oregon was held in January, 2007.

Interest and support has grown by leaps and bounds, and students and families, eagerly look forward to the party! Make next year's event successful.