PeaceHealth Leadership Model

PeaceHealth Leadership Model diagram

The PeaceHealth Leadership Model is deeply rooted in our identity as a Catholic health care system, our Mission, Values and Ethics.

It is intended to help us view leadership from a slightly different lens–one that challenges us to relentlessly pursue improvements in services and outcomes while awakening joy, meaning and purpose in the human spirit.

As leaders we hold open the space that allows great work to occur in service to our patients and families. Our Leadership Model is intended to facilitate personal reflection and dialogue and to act as a guidepost to meaningful leadership service. Its intent is to focus on who we are in additional to what we do…creating the balance of skillful doing and conscious being.

About the Model

The PeaceHealth Leadership Model was created through a collaborative effort among cross-functional and cross-regional counterpart teams.

The center of the model represents our core identity- our mission, vision, values, ethics and desired culture.

The left side of the model lists attributes–the personal characteristics that our leaders must possess and develop within themselves.

The right side of the model lists job functionsthe things that leaders do.